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Witchcraft needs no other introduction then reading a piece of history. I mean history in entire picture, not the few aspects of history picked up to be taught in schools to foster atheistic image of the world. Celtic Twillight and tales, books of Moses 6th and 7th, Testament of Solomon, folk-lore of almost every country all of those do witness the presence of spirits communing with the world of men. So here I just try to work a bit with this heritage, for the sake of evolution of humanity and archetypal stories of our souls.

articles were written from winter 2020 to mid-summer 2020
ever since I'm just adding poetry. Poetry is in the Writings section.
October 11th 2020 I add poetry in French language.
December 3rd I modified French section adding article on naturopathy and I added a treatise on magic of letters and numerology into the witchcraft section.

All rights reserved, especially for poetry. I might take requests from artists to write song lyrics.


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