Welcome traveller,

I'd just like to say that I'm honoured by you spending your time on my site.
The concept of this project is the art. The art is intertwined with fight. The art and fight together embrace variations and unfold into beauty. Well-being often lasts just a while like a spark, but silent satisfaction endures if life is danced with elegance.

Concerning the use of my abilities as of now and the potential of things yet to come as powers and skills develop:



Can provide list of pleasing people and events in accordance with your horoscope


Can analyse soul’s nature to find suitable herbs, stones and spells


Can boost and heal field via magic to certain extent


If someone is standing behind a wall, can tell where he/she exactly is.


Can give approx. map of dangers to avoid, this requires keen cooperation and connection of souls which is prolly not attainable without full-time contract. Otherwise there are natural dangers within cycles exposed by the means of astrology.


Can read emotional response of others directed at me via telepathy


Can see your soul in my presence in case soul gets excited about cooperating with me




Can ask souls where they are and whether they live


Can paint deceased grandparents of living elderly to remember people they never had on photo


Can detect moment when soul enters the pregnant woman and experiment with astro analysis of such moment


Can trace position of people in hiding


Can trace previous lives by interrogating souls, this is done by many in a fancy way… I believe that accuracy of such claims varies. This is accurate when you can expose recurring unsolved patterns of such lives or unfold deep emotions.


I invite you to enjoy my site!

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I'd like to thank everythingunderthemoon.net/forum discussion board for giving me a cooperative insight and reflection and also empowerement via synergy of goodwill.
I'd like to thank deviantart.com for database of amazing artwork
I'd like to thank webme GmbH from Nurnberg for making this web so simple and practical.

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