An ideal day

How a good day would look like

wake up at 6am

exercise and drink black tea

at 7am do breakfast and coffee

then write something because we are writers

at 10:30 we go out to market

take things to make lunch and I buy violet flower to pin to your coat between heart and your neck

we walk a bit and talk to people

12:15 we turn back home and I make lunch since it is made by fire,

and you pour water and vine and coffe since it is of water

we repose a bit on sofa during the tea time

2pm we write something because we are writers

5:30 pm we go out and walk in nature

we may dinner in restaurant on wooden benches nestled in terasse with outer wall protected by ivy or trees, by the green river with willows

or we turn back home at 7 and make a dinner of our own

otherwise we turn back at 8

We contemplate a day and maybe write a bit

10pm we may settle for the night

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