Astrology of famous notes

Paulo Coelho – ASC Pleiades

born at end of 30th Lunar day ; Vertex at Altair main star of Eagle ;
hence the clarity (Eagle) and renewal(Last lunar day)


Bruce Springsteen – South node + Mercury + Neptune … Moon at Arcturus... Neptune at South Node gives the compassion to write a song like Ghost of Tom Joad


Elizabeth Taylor - Pluto trine Moon hence societal influence and Venus at point of life, hence expressions of art were empowering her life's journey.


 Shakira - Moon at Procyon, just like Ted Andrews had Sun. She's got Sun at Deneb Dulfim star of dolphin constellation, hence the playful attitude.

Chiron and South Node at Adromeda Nebula. Healer of some sort with her childlike openness in tones of "let's dance and play and be kind" world needs a lot of that attitude.
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