Birth Chart of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos


First interesting thing I can’t stop admiring is that his initials B.J. are like pillars of balance (Boaz & Jachin) which is gateway of a sort, also other quite rich man, Mr. Bill Gates seem to have a name which is like a gateway to bills.


Anyway, Mr. Bezos is quite an example of what can one achieve with work routine in Virgo and steadfast-to-stubborn determination of career in Capricorn. Pluto & Uranus trines from Virgo, especially Pluto trine Sun to manifest wealth, also Pluto in Virgo shows how much detail-oriented focus it requires to prevail in such a wild thing like internet business, where you have to manage logistics and everything in a way that only the best pricing of products can make you no.1 because a gap of success & failure is tremendous in such competition. Meaning people buy where it is the most affordable and if you can’t beat it they go elsewhere. Having this set in precisely with all losses and logistics taken into account is incredibly difficult & this Plutonian force in detail focused Virgo is perhaps the best to have such attitude naturally. (although people born Virgo can be pretty good at it too)

I think that significant focus in ninth house, house of philosophers where we can still probably find his south node (maybe tenth house, depends on details of birth on seconds and minutes we may not know for sure when it is so closely placed) is a continuation of talking and sharing his abilities to perceive how world works. He did that before too, public speeches. Now that he implores that we work on making environment good enough for human specie to survive perhaps he should be encouraged even more in speaking publicly like a philosopher, because he certainly will find a lot of personal satisfaction there too (Mercury and Moon are very personal planets).

He has Jupiter at anti-vertex which is a point which introduces such elements often in unpleasant way to us. Such as generosity, a Jupiter’s domain. Yeah public criticised him for lack in that field. I think public doesn’t understand how charity is a gift & never something to be demanded, therefore public is hypocritical towards Mr. Bezos. Still if he wishes to appear generous, Jupiter rules his aforementioned Moon position in Sagittarius and ninth house, so if he were to be generous in that best and faithful thing - teaching people at his speeches, that would be perhaps the best way to stimulate this theme. I personally believe that for people to realize important procedures, such as environmental crisis of polluted furnace-like air & over-heating, people would understand that it might as well be wiser that he squanders not his finances carelessly away, thus respecting his courage to take charge in making environment solutions more relevant. By making public speeches he can make people realize how important it is.


I don’t know though if he will feel like doing so since a question of responsibility is… questionable.

A very disputable thing among philosophers, whether it helps to interfere with other people all that much or rather not. Still I can see it as a fortunate evolution of his personal responsibility, taking care of his own business, and then leading a bit of Earth’s business on a right track too.

Patriarchal aspect of Capricorn implied into environmental healing is perhaps the best use of lunar node, or dragon axis from Capricorn to Cancer, and the journey from ninth to third house seems to be appropriate for such.

He is probably doing a lot of his goals on the way, after donating 10 billions USD on environmental scientifical studies… which is pretty wise to aim at implementations of new solutions.

I confess his aim to relegate industries into space while keeping Earth clean might a goal too much for a lifetime of us, and perhaps I don’t understand or can’t see if it is even possible, which I leave in an unassuming manner rather open.

Still I am grateful to him & will be more if he keeps on speaking about these things. In case we choke ourselves in heat and burnt air in few decades we will indeed have no playground here any more, which is the reality in its most pragmatical sense conveyed by this pragmatic man makes it rather unavoidable for the awareness of people world-wide.

His Venus conjunct Saturn in eleventh house suggests that in the plane of group activities, clubs and societies he might find love affairs perhaps in a shape of mature, responsible, untraditional, yet smart & creative women.

He is oddly fortunate to have sectors of zodiac complementary to signs - first house in Aries, second in Taurus etc. Perhaps this gives one a balanced personality with inclination to handle life naturally, perhaps in really depends on personal treaties of planets. If first house is in Aries, it is natural for one to handle new situations by a spark of will, which is Aries domain.

Second house in Taurus gives one’s self-esteem and sense of value in ways that ought to be natural.

Third house of communication & connecting with people & neighbours is quite on spot in Gemini with their ease at fluff talks.

Cancer in fourth house gives a sense that to have a comfortable, nourishing home is natural.

Fifth house of creativity in Leo gives one joy in his own creations & self-appreciation of doing such.

Sixth house of health & household & daily routine in Virgo gives one a thorough approach one needs for taking good care of his health & personal life managing including work time management.

Seventh house in Libra gives appreciation for other’s beauty & point of view in relationships.

Eight house in Scorpio gives one ability to treat secrets as secrets.

Ninth house in Sagittarius gives one’s strive for high education the right kind of purpose.

Tenth house of Career and visibility to outer world in Capricorn allows one to work hard for success and appear proud and unshaken even in the harshest of environments.

Eleventh house in Aquarius gives him a feeling for societies and group activities that unite many for the same goal or purpose.

Twelfth house in Pisces gives one an outro to life’s journey that ought to embrace the peace of the natural flow, which is of course a mystery for many of us

since there is an interesting opinion in Astrology that, starting out own life we live with focus on each house mainly, starting with the first one, for seven years each.

First house themes till age 7, second house themes till age 14, third house themes till age 21 etc. until 84 thus we need to grow through the course of our lives to be sometimes capable to imagine what lies in those last sectors of life’s mystery.

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