Birth chart of Donald J. Trump

 Mr. Donald J. Trump


Chart vibrating with number 31-) 4, Jupiter’s number also indicated by being born hour of Jupiter & Day of Venus. Southern node in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter shows orientation towards splendour of generosity, philosophy and orientation on politics & distant countries. 5Th house still in Sagittarius shows fortunate application of such to one’s own business. Moon at southern node & important career focus in Taurus points out some nourishing element & for outsiders is not certain how exactly, but women, also motherly way seemed to be a driving force for safe home & career orientation. There was also some dark feminine aspect in youth’s home too, but these are hard to explore from the surface. A drive for career rather mandatory by sun’s position which might feel sometimes like a contrarious to inner wish of focusing on home affairs. Also IT tech might be important & never neglected in his career life. In groups of people joined whether for party or some common goal, quite a satisfaction found, yet Saturn at anti-vertex a hazardous introduction to the need to keep things formally clean, meaning foes would snatch the opportunity to accuse of violating formal way of speech & self-presentation. Ideas and opinions, although wise & well aimed are more effectively presented to outward world especially if the formal fashion of speech remains clean. This way people are forced to listen to strategies and concepts which are accurate in their sense & application, yet public speech is better off if empowered, or rather ‘undisturbed’ by any neglections of formalities. Venus close to that position indicates that people might be misusing the feminine aspect to call out informal self-presentation to their ends of damaging his reputation. Therefore putting emphasis on speaking politely is the best way to convey messages to people.

Rising Leo with Mars gives what many astrologists must have already mentioned, energy & drive for noble & proud attitude towards one’s affairs.

House of health & self-care in Aquarius seems to show good health prognosis, especially if he leans not on conventional time management. If he feels most active at 5am & 11PM that is the time he should be working. Also Uranus in career life shows that if challenges in tech and IT sector are not neglected, his health will remain, or be boosted into well being (either by psychological sensation of having done good job, or by being introduced by tech and IT into whatever lifestyle tips & tricks).


Although sovereign in nature, his speech & way of connecting with people seems to be very effective in a diplomatic manner of doing compromises & taking advantages of shining at various parties & social events, being always minded to stay formally clean (Jupiter in Libra reaching corner of 3rd house is at square with that Saturn at anti-vertex).


Looks like career life needs to appear & be stable, any urge to defend his positions and stand should be done embracing attitude of staying firm and not backing off, in calm, assertive, unexaggerated way for best results.


Looks like partnership life may appear unconventional yet full of deep romance & affection, if too visible in career life, rather be presented as such, unconventional with style & rather happy and fulfilled, also enemies may appear to be the ones using and misusing IT against Mr. Trump, which is a thing that would be neutral in essence (tech) but it is implored that it be keenly managed, used & studied (at least order teams to do so, but one can trust only direct experience) – meaning some focus on IT world is need & never be underestimated. This is not leading to any dramatic downfall, but might pose a lot of nuisances and give foes something to hold on to.

(reference to Aquarius – 7th house, Uranus 10th house)


The souls drive for new experiences actually lies in outward daily life while he may actually be wishing & feeling more comfortable at home. The tantalizing drive of new experiences will unfold over and over again in career life, might appear nagging, or intimidating, but once someone is used to walking into these experiences - new challenges of communication and little friendships and finding new ways to convey right words – the sensation of learning becomes self-rewarding enough to keep on going for more & more. = search for deliberately calibrating speech the best way possible, gives the right kind of soul’s progress in life.

(see theory of south and north lunar node, which is always spiritual in overcoming one’s fears & comfort zone, it is fascinating subject since it shows this kind of spots in birth chart of everyone)


For instance I’d be afraid to write this too, since inaccuracies may turn out bashful to my reputation, but such is the learning process & even without keener exploration of one’s life we still take pride in demonstrating some basics of astrology. It is true that once we see & know a lot about one’s life writing more like ‘battlefield analysis after war’ yet with elements and sectors of life we observes patterns recurring enough in such & such aspect of one’s life. These can be examined further by watching daily planetary transitions which is like a weather forecast.


Looking at July the 12th 2020 the notable conjunction at Capricorn oftly associated with pandemic actually falls on Mr. Trump’s vertex, which, unlike Saturn at opposite direction gives a pleasant experience, in sector of one’s creativity and business affairs. Meaning he can take advantage of situation to learn by his creativity if he is capable of influencing and leading masses on greater scale, probably more invited to take charge of structural logistics and purchases (leading even into state affairs). Thanks to aforementioned opposition though, the people still would be itching, the recommended ways of staying firm and in trust in what he is doing (as creativity is leading the path correctly) is sufficient for the work to turn out valuable, proving its worth above the floating illusions of slander. Might be dangerous anyway so put emphasis on the themes of healing and power holding. Aim for healing and let the power grow, it requires perhaps trust in making decisions with powerful impact in an undisputable ways, offer no space for doubts. If people complain trust in yourself all the more and mind that no politician today can be spared of criticism, so if nature of public’s aggression requires response, it can be splashed into public’s face, that people rather complain than accept responsibility for taking charge in big decisions & that these decisions are impossible to be done flawlessly.

Next few days Mr. Trump will also feel a boost in driving force & will to push his drives and ambitions. (boost likely to last 3-4 days till 15th,16th July)


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