Birth chart of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin


Ruler of rising sign Pluto at top of visible life & career at south node, also five-letter name Putin suggests the dominant planet of person be Pluto. Which by self is a ruling, or most influential force for society-wide range. Mars trine Pluto, also born Tuesday, day of Mars gives him a warrior’s drive way higher than a normal human could ever have, thus being constantly mentally strong to keep on fighting for his goals.


South node & north node by themselves, still in axis from ninth to third house show how this man has a natural reservoir of wisdom & intellect that he is forced to convey to others, which requires a lot of determination to convey his ideas & perception correctly & accurately to the outer audience. This was visible in a great deal of interviews he did with western journalist where he was explaining all those high, yet natural ideas about step-by-step attitude which led to strategies and moral conduct of Russia, he had to explain these things patiently, because reporters where with their intellect comparable to children facing him. Thus this patience in explaining how things work is required if he needs people to understand his vision & motivations.


Sixth house of health & routine is in Aries which demonstrates that active life and working in sudden rushes is good for his well-being.


Chiron at corner of 3rd house reaffirms that his ways of speech can be healing, or rather illuminating towards people if he takes care to express his thoughts full-scale & in a comprehensive manner to recipients & their perceptions of life.


Chart offers hints that Mr. Putin prefers points of personal satisfaction to be kept in rather hidden manner & we will respect this personality treat. Avoiding further analysis.


Looks like a drive for seclusion & mysticism which is natural for people vibrating with number 7 & his placements in 8th & 12th house reflected in his wildlife endeavours & time spent in fierce nature such as Siberian. If people think his expeditions into extreme sports & wildlife were staged for advertising, they are by all means wrong. These things are natural activities for his well-being.


Planetary transitions observed 13th July 2020, notable is Uranus in seventh house, reforming, or influencing relationships via world of technologies, probably will look for sudden friendships, and maybe also enmities through internet & other perks of science.


Black Moon entering sixth house in trine to its own native position shows that hidden and unexpected forces, which may be also of feminine nature, or obscurely hidden at least, would become part of his daily routine. If this transition brings unexpected results it is recommended to foster attitude of learning from unexpected about one’s personality, look up how to harvest these things for personal growth.


Societal pressures may now induce a sensation of ‘not enough space’ for his own preferred approach to problem solving. If this cannot be solved by a more refined speech, some withdrawal gives beneficial boost to his focus on personal life.


Starting 9th August 2020 there will be a great boost in personal drive and renewal to solve problems by breaking resistance, which is a healthy drive of Martial trine. This will last for few days (3-5) & will be somewhat recurring, with natural appeal to do sports for several days starting from 21st August 2020.



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