Candle magic

Candle magic

Cast the circle, cleanse the candle with sacred water, anoint with suitable oil.
Engrave into candle with Athame (if your ceremonial dagger isn’t sharp, use another for this purpose).


Red candle – engrave Sigel rune few times and whatever you consider suitable and put it in the middle sector of the house. I rarely do this because as candle burns wax is liquid red and in the grammar of the occult, this associates with blood so then I often get cut and bleed.

Sun God

Yellow, sometimes orange candle.

Engrave into candle signs of Sun, Solar Cross… mere drawing of a Sun, Sigel runes, words like “Solar God”. This offers great protection against many astral harassments for “they are creatures of the night, ashamed during the daylight”.


White candles during Waxing and Full Moon do wonders. Engrave with Moon and Goddess related words and symbols.

Black Candles

If you store them too long unprotected, they absorb negativity and release it into your space in first stages of the burning.


Engrave into candle a serpent wrapped all around it from bottom to the top. Write into Serpent’s body this: “Transforming fire, destroy all evil,” for it is an ancient Germanic serpent that transforms evil as he burns. I write in free space of candle some things for protection to make sure a black candle won’t get corrupted.

Commune with the dead

Engrave name of the dead being to summon her.
Best at Saturdays, Dark Moon, Samhain.

Emerald, forest green candles

I use to engrave Cernunnos with Sign of Mars
Aphrodite and other with sing of Venus
Emerald core (of Gaia)

Turquoise candles

I use to make communication clearer, also to breathe fresher air, I engrave all this into candle and also mingle in some Neptune and perhaps Mercury into it Neptune for cleansing waters and Mercury for fresh communication
Hostile random entities like to hang around the turquoise ones though so it's better to lit also another candle bit more protective.

Violet candles

Spiritual clarity, clarity in love... sharp psychic gaze to cut through matter
Would probably engrave Neptune and Pluto

I like to keep two candles burning perpetually like two torches of Hekate...
now that I have planted some garlic indoors it can survive even without fire though with fire is always better.
I keep plants alive with UV lamp in case there's not enough sunlight.

Yellow candles again

I make on Sunday and put there picture of sun, Ra, solar cross, other sun symbols, Heliopolis and Luxor as words (literally engraved into candle like all aforementioned words)

Orange candles

Can be used for Sun and also for Mercury and 8th Sefirot Hod reference as stated in Secret gates of Qabala written by deceased and much loved Ted Andrews. Blessed he be.
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