Casting the circle

Animals on quarters and love and power quote are from Ann Moura's Grimoire for the Green Witch.

Casting the Circle

With Athame in hand

make a virtual circle starting North, East… if possible make a real circle of chalk, salt, sacred water and whatever you consider suitable.

As you return North I seal double, with elements for the Goddess and Angels for the God.
The elemental correspondences vary upon location on Earth. Observance of winds is a hint. Ours is such: Cold – Earth, North ; Dry – Air, East, Hot – Fire, South ; Rains – water, wet

So to North I start like this. I call upon the Elemental Earth to come forth and empower this circle. (Envision a bull)
I call upon Archangel Uriel to come forth and seal the North and/or to ignite the light of our souls.

East: I call upon the Elemental Air to come forth and enliven this circle. (Imagine an Eagle)
I call upon Archangel Raphael to come forth and seal the East and/or to heal our souls on all possible levels.

South: I call upon the Elemental Fire to come forth and warm up this circle. (Visualize a Lion)
I call upon Archangel Michael to come forth and seal the South and/or to protect us from all psychic attacks.

Water: I call upon the Elemental Water to come forth and cleanse this circle. (Visualize a Dolphin)
I call upon Archangel Gabriel to come forth and seal the West and/or to cleanse our emotions and fluids.

Returning North I look with Athame in hand down below my feet. I call upon Archangel Sandalphon to come forth and seal the Below and/or to connect us with the Earth and to convey our prayers to the Goddess and the God.

To middle I call a personal Angel.

Facing the sky I say: I call upon Archangel Metatron (or is it Mithraton?) to come forth and seal the Above and/or to bring us the Celestial Wisdom.

Then facing North I make a sign of infinity, Goddess sign at her side (triple Moon) God sign at his side (astrological Taurus sign representing the Horned God) and I say “In the presence of the Goddess and The God, we stand between the worlds with love and power all around!”

This being done, there is already a considerable amount of energy in the Athame. It can be transferred to empower a candle, bless a statue and the similar.

If Sunday I might call Jesus to preside over the ritual, if friendly stars on the sky I may call upon them to preside over the ritual.

I you do this outside your house at the right spot, energy is much stronger. Look for suitable places and times to call suitable spirits to raise energy and send it to do whatever you wish to be done.

I dismiss the circle everywhere but I keep it at home to remain protected.
I dismiss going North, West… North And I bid farewell to the invited and send them my blessings.
At the very end I even stomp the ground with my foot and say: “It is done! The circle is cleared.” I touch the ground with Athame while saying this.
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