Castles of Slovakia

...or rather ruins. There's been around 58 of them in 4 states around, Slovakia included, decomposition of the once-great empire left our country with the majority of them, I think around 35 of them are solely in Slovakia.

1. Devin castle

Germans call it Theben, you know, like Thebes. It is situated on a majestic rock by the river Danube. Part of capital called Bratislava.
If you see it from certain planes (no photos) you can see how majestic the rock is... perhaps even more than Arthur's seat in Edinburgh, or that big cliff that supports the Edinburgh's castle. Lol, call me unhumble but it might as well be the most majestic place in Europe.

Legend of the castle was, that young prince and princess, instead of doing political w**res to public desires, jumped off the cliff together, committing suicide to be together in afterlife rather than being split by political schemings. Lol old stories where bit sad, yet had some dignity radiating from them.

2. Castle of Cachtice

Infamous by the rumours of Elizabeth Bathory bathing in blood of virgins to stay young.
Note that she lived in 17th century, the peak of witches' persecution to grab their wealth under false accusations.
Also true that royalty that was into occult used to amuse itself with whatever rituals so no one really knows.
Last time I stood at those gates post dusk I saw her ghost. I gave her from herbs that I bought so she became quite pleased and the encounter was of goodwill and friendship. No time to judge those who are friendly to me.

You can see videos of cellars on youtube but hey, prisoners in cellars slowly dying? Of course you're gonna feel the creepy vibe from looking at those places, torture or not.

3. Castle of Spis

The biggest that we have. I've never been there since I rarely visit eastern part of the country. Maybe one day.
Enjoy the view:

4. Castle Muran

A castle nestled in the heart of Slovakia is full of ancient power.
In daytime I say people passing through there, ghosts that lived in medieval times or perhaps even sooner.
Some wore mostly brown, and green robes as they were passing through the place, or rather lived there.

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