Charge of the Poet

A poetry

For what other than for expressions

of liberty barely tangible in her more mirthful

moments half-way to ecstasy

Is where we call upon the muses to convey

to words what we witnessed in our souls


The charge of the Poet’s Spirit

be of grace to provide us with accurate ways of sharing

be of sharp awareness that we don’t write vain verses

be of cloak’s concealing mystery that we leave space

for other’s imagination to provide himself another meaning

of words free and flexible, up to whoever’s philosophical satisfaction

no matter in what stage of evolution would one ever find himself

be of beauty that the creation would rejoice perpetually in its glory

be of strength hidden in indifference that it may subtly convey the argument

be of whatever we like or desire since life is all like an empty canvass

forever to paint on by all colours that we decide to chose

therefore in ways strict on concentration,

yet in variety of possibilities rather lose

be kept thy hand over the parchment

to unfold new worlds in words

that slept in the kingdom of thy mind

to be stripped the veil that made them latent

so that they dance and sing the song

in the visible world.

Sometimes they will be caressing

sometimes sharp like sword

seeking the beauty of contrasting

light and tough times’ hold

And like the marble and eben

let all mingle from black to white

and back again

Till the message be conveyed despite

all the resistance that puts it to test

of time or endurance

such is the poet’s manifest.

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