Coffee harvest

I have been happily drinking coffee ever since I grew fond of its bitter, yet intense taste

In years have I found I have grown addicted to this as it developed gently without any haste.

And here I scorned people for being addicted to tobacco, alcohol, drugs.

And here I found myself superior to them, laughing at both junkies and thugs.

The lamp to bear witness to my life was lit

and I was exposed as none but a hypocrite

So then I died and into darkness I descended

It was not any darkness blank, but a dark brown soil kept me grounded

I was forced to plunge myself through it and finally,

catching my last breath, a broke out and reached the surface merrily

Scarcely getting any fresh air, a giant plant spoke to me intimidatingly

in angst and half-shouting, destroying my last senses of ease definitely

- You have been devouring my products without any recompense given

now you gonna be my slave unforgiven

Dig back to ground below and rub my roots

yeah, rub them gently you little bitch, like feet without boots.

It was a giant coffee shrub speaking to me.

And so I was enslaved for half a season.

Planting its children, rubbing its roots

Such was the harvest of my self-treason.

Because I left no offering to plant in other half of the season back on Earth and in addition

I scorned others for their addictions while myself thought it cool to indulge in this addiction

and because I did not even take any care to buy the fair trade coffee, but kept on buying cheap shit produced by half-enslaved underpaid workers around the globe.


have to say coffee is my addiction, found it out after a week without coffee and I friggin' love drinking it.
The thought just was that, with me being addicted to something (otherwise I never was to anything) it gives me new perspective to a whole addiction phenomenon.

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