Commune with the dead spell

Wait for Samhain festival or do this on Saturday evening.

Engrave with athame, or ceremonial dagger name of the dead one into wax of black candle.

Take care to have black candle well exorcised prior to doing so, since black draws miasma, or spiritual pollution into itself all the time. If you are not sure, write protective sigils into candle too. Runes related to ancestors and gate openers. Sigils from your field of witchcraft practice that you are comfortable with are good to go as well.

Can anoint candle with suitable oil such as patchouli or perhaps cypress.

Turn lights off, you might render your room dimmed with incense smoke. Might use black mirror or gaze into mirrors to see shapes.

Put something related to the ghost on the altar. Can use picture or paint a portrait of his. In such case a presence in his eyes on the portrait will be stronger when he comes.

Put offerings he might find refreshing to the nature of his soul's essence.

Put things related to dead as offering too, such as apples with cinnamon on them.

Cast a circle related to the mood of the Lunar phase you're in and call the ghost and observe.

Mind the presences around you, differentiate between nature of spirits that might be around you.

When you develop inner certitude that the desired spirit is in the air, you are eligible to strengthen the bond with him.

Tell why you have summoned him since no cause might be harassing. If your only intent was merely an expression of friendship, take care to express your intent anyway.

Your cause for communing with such might be deeper, perhaps deeper than you are aware of in your current state of perception. Thence don't push things. Even if encounter be brief, mind now that this spirit will be in your presence now. Observe the influences stirred in the upcoming days of yours and re-summon him with a new ritual when the time will grow ripe for such yet again.

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