Countries and productivity

Odd thing I noticed, many countries have mostly white blue red colours and have good business development, but it's countries that have yellow in flag - Germany, China, Sweden that are productive by themselves and would wind up self-reliant in case world would demand it.

Thus for productivity and money spells one should include yellow colour. People could recommend gold too, but gold is also associated with refined sexual energy so yellow is the appropriate and solid solution for growing wealth.

On the other hand, gold might be working too.
Sydney and Vienna are considered some of best cities to live in. Both Austria and Australia start with Au, Latin Aurum meaning Gold.
Of course Austria's original name is in German, Österreich with likely reference to Ostara, the spring equinox, but many pronounce it as Austria thus giving it such power and definition by their mental and vocal force. Power, or perhaps vibration. Remember Tesla, physics and 7 hermetic principles. These are not to underestimate since they shape the world anyhow, you can't deny physics of Nikola Tesla.

Also Spain has yellow in flag. Although economy waned, they managed to keep their own style of self-reliant production.

Belgium has yellow too and they are just so self-reliant with home production of beer. They have really many bear breweries. I credit yellow colour for this hyperactivity in ability to "actually produce something".

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