Curved black spirals 1

Curved black spirals


  such was the shape of old manor’s edges that were tower-like as the group of wanderers entered the yard through the gate with spear-like lining. Garden resembled more a meadow as if vapours from the grassy ground were to hint an opening of tombs. Not much except for a grass fading grey due to moon’s silvery light in the dark of post-dusk around 10PM.

  As they reached the entry door 1 reached into his pocket to grasp the keys owner gave them.

  The antiquity of the key fit in and clicked the door open in a casual way, far from frightening.

  Old rocking chair was found in the central room by the fireplace, some old paintings and a candle at the table. Now the first thought that came was would it be wise to lit an old candle of other? Or would they rather use their own so as to avoid releasing, or summoning anything unnecessary by lighting one made with intent, or that suffered possessions unknown through the course of time.

  They decided to light it anyway so that they could observe the colour of energy it releases. 2 snatched matches out of her pocket and sparked the ignition. Light changed the aura of the room. All felt a bit enlivened from abandoned to… of strange antique to arcane vibe. One of paintings on the wall had dimmed scenery with bigger black space reaching from lower right corner filling about 35% percent of the whole image. Group of adventurers was 6 and three of them glanced a move in that part of the painting. They found it not that much of a worth mentioning, everyone mostly focused on feeling the mood and getting prepared. “Good, now are we gonna split until we reach something darker, so as to lure it out to strike us separately?” such was the 3’s proposition.

  “Not quite, we’re gonna split into twin groups times three and I pair with thee.” 3 to be paired with 1 felt a bit odd yet he agreed with no resentment to harbour. They took charge to climb the stairs and wandered into first room upstairs. A dark brown wood that framed the door was worn with age, just as the door itself. Such were the doors mostly, visible around here. 3 felt a presence behind his back as they were entering the room. Bedroom was it. Closet worth opening for those willing to wave away old spider webs, along with the dead spiders mummified in them. One never knows what lies beneath the blanket either. A living spider, or perhaps some bug to bug your mind to wonder if it will itch many days after the bite? Not quite the bother really except for venomous creatures that were quite a minor risk in this area.

  “So you feel anything peculiar yet?” asked 3 the leader.

  1 opened the closet to see dusty shelves storing some minor tools. “Right, I have a feeling that there is a presence there, at the other part of the room, behind us. Emotionally cunning-mild dark, yet to unfold what it is.”

  “I wonder if it will get irritated by the precautionary hostility of ours.”

  “Would you believe in striking a deal around here?” wasn’t really a question by 1 so they braced themselves, facing it face-forward, hands covering the belly area so as to pre-shield fields of their own.

  “Why are you staying in this place ghost?” was the question 1 asked.

  The vision came onto his head of a tentacloid pretty dark to be wrapped around his body reaching its mouth closer to his neck, not to drink blood, but essence. He ordered 3 to make a chalk shield on the ground so that the creature may not pass and 3 made two arks, writing sigils in the space between them. The circle was not complete but 1 profited from time to snatch out a piece of paper, draw the shape of the ghost and put garlic onto it. The moment he did the influence felt weaker and the cords of fear he felt as result of the entity’s attachment were released. Then the presence got stronger as the beast moved towards him, none but slightly past the edges of the chalk shield. He put the drawing on floor along with some herb quickly lanced unto it and they rushed away from the chamber, back to the initial central room downstairs. The idea of this act was that the creature would be gradually weakened, and also tied to a place where it was drawn, by the commanding and spicy force garlic gradually forced away from this realm. That it would actually leave the realm because it would be, mathematically a bad deal for it to keep staying there in a wait for some prey stupid enough to touch the whole thing and release it again. Very low probability. Better go roaming in other realms. So they rushed downstairs as they knew the thing would be reaching to other rooms of the 1st floor anyway. With the intent of avoiding further disturbance they returned downstairs only to find oddities of new sort.

  Room was half-shaded and half-lit solely by moon as the candle burnt out prematurely. 2 and 6 were sitting on the couch, paralysed as the predatory being closest to be described as wolf on feet, but still quite far from it was mesmerising them.

  Now for the record 1,3 and 5 were men, while 2,4 and 6 women. Only 4 and 5 wandered elsewhere together, staying open and put for the possibilities of a cliché love story.

  Nonetheless you don’t really need such to experience a love of some sort with ghosts around. The wolf-beast was mesmerising them of course, but there were two other beings attached to them. Did they drain away their energy fields? Well, yes they mingled with them in some sort. One could say they were raping them. They were grey figures with prankster’s smiles of joy while pounding the girls. 1 and 3 rushed to the candle to relit it again. Shortly after it caught fire it hissed back again into dark. They attempted second time. Now the candle came to life and the rays of light did a bit of a concentration loss to these beastly spectres. Far from enough to cast them away though. 3 snatched a dagger out and engraved into the candle’s wax commanding sigils of light empowerment while 1 tossed some herbs onto the ground, forth from them, towards the main beast, covering all the space between them, to give time to engraving taking place without disruption.

  As the candle came to be renewed the beasts wavered more so 3 grabbed the candle and they marched forward. Beasts shrieking kind-of moving to them and also stepping back. As this was happening 3 felt sensation of sexual arousal and one of those rapists, though male appeared in his vision, giving him sexual intercourse sensation and he felt a bit of erection rising up due to this. Finally the light became unbearable and the beasts were driven to the corner of the room. The sexual arousal from 3 vanished and he felt normal again, a bit emotional disgust was felt after sobering up form the emotion of arousal. “Ye girls al’right? How did it take hold of you?” asked 1.

  “We don’t know for sure, we were exploring the old scripts and antiquities around here and a paralysing sensation of a trance started to take place so we wavered, finding it hard to keep standing, to avoid collisions with edgy furniture we decided to stick together on the couch,” said 2.

  “We sweat out of fear so much now my socks are so sweaty, I’d rather remove the boots for a bit,” 6 claimed.

  “Careful to not take down socks as well. You’d certainly wouldn’t want to summon ghost of Tarantino right after this otherworldly rape now, would you?” remarked 1.

  “Your teasing now would many claim as insensitive,” spoke 6 half-jokingly, ever ignoring the traces of pain and disgust that emerged from the spectral assault.

  “Sexist even,” teased 3 so as to provide agreement from contradicting position of a man. Appeasing the woman’s confused mind via hemisphere balancing to avoid any further bitching via polarizing need of creating an opposition, lest no argument be weighted further on.

  After some murmuring and soothing words, half-jokes and reassurings they decided to occupy the couch area for the night. Meaning sleeping.

  “It is true that we are reaching the late night hours, yet why would we renounce on fights of this day so prematurely?” asked 3.

  “Well, the place is apparently tougher than we expected… we need a plan to develop sound sleeping strategy sooner than we get forced to do so inaccurately while being too fatigued.” leadership of 1 was merely an opinion 2 and 6 totally agreed with as it was written all over their faces.

  The couch was enough to sleep for two women quite squeezed to each other. Not only were they thinner than men, two women together is also considered way less lesbian than two men could ever be… pretty much way too gay for anyone. So 1 and 3 rolled the carpet in half, and then half again and put it in front of the couch. They could protect the girls from front this way, yet the back side beneath the couch remained unprotected. So they removed desks from bookshelves and made pillars out of them, leaning on the couches edges from the back. They wondered if it would be appropriate to mark two pieces of wood as pillars of equilibrium. They decided to rather not to avoid the creation of a portal for random spectres to enter through. Only with a marker the painted some sigils for protection into them and then covered the backside with a blanket big enough to keep that side at least covered. They made sigils on that with acrylic marker as well.

  So they mastered the protection rite with closing themselves in a two-layered chalk circle all-around, used compass to mark the quarters appropriately, used sigils of both angels and forces of the wild with elements to secure the best layer of force possible. Angels of light being by far less active and usable during the dead of the night, a time when only pure feminine witchcraft of the land could keep their bodies fully protected from perils of the night. Hence the garlic, wormwood, agrimony, salt, pepper, mint and other things in their equipment. They decided to sleep pre-cautiously also to save these ingredients as part of their arsenal, avoiding unnecessary depletions in minor fights done at the wrong time.


  4 and 5 kept walking very closely to each other, almost holding hands so as to find some sensation of security, however illusionary after the horrors they went through in some rooms and couloirs of the base floor. This part was not dimmed but darkened almost vile black condensed as they were passing silent doors and missing the suspicious paintings in the passageway. At the end they did expect to find a door of a more primary significance. What they stumbled upon was a dead-end. A big portrait right in front of them. The very last door to the left of it were shorter than a standard one. Like those of the older times when people were shorter since none ever ate chicken breasts full of hormones the way men do today. 5 reached out to open the door, yet 4 interrupted him: “Wait, should we not observe this portrait first? It looks like a riddle at best, of peculiar significance at worst.”

  “Very well,” said he and they turned off the flash-lights, rendering a candle flame lit so that they observe it in a more appropriate manner to honour the spirit world.

  Painting was of a man with severe face of resolve and power, wearing fancy uniform lined with golden thread. Beneath him and past his shoulders though was a field of strange flowers. A flowers that would consume you to their world if you were to get too close, such was their vibe and impression they instilled upon 4 and 5. As they were soaking into contemplation half-fascinating, half-inducing dread of particular calling, they felt yet another presence beneath them. These things they had to banish or cast away the similar ways other group had, but now that they turned they found a woman with black hair and pale skin gazing at them. This one with aura of far greater and more sinister power than random energy suckers. ‘What do you want’ was a question useless to ask as they expected nought but cunning lies that such being would take advantage of saying only to get closer to drain them and instil horrors. She looked strong though, perhaps a habitant of the manor for 500 years or more. One never knows if they’d be deceased from family bloodline or summoned dwellers via rituals of black magic. When spirits get old and pissed they all have some sort bad vibe around them. They tossed herbs to the floor to create a barrier yet the dread she induced in them became overwhelming. Her eyes turned to raging dark-red and both of them had visions of her reaching and grabbing their skin. 5 decided to open the odd door to see if the escape route would be safe to slam the door at spectre’s face and perhaps profiting from old wood’s properties to create a shield, if of fortune to gain few seconds also to carve sigils into such slammed door. Magical fight is a maths thing, they knew that. They also knew that time was not in their favour now. So he squeezed the handle and pushed the door open. With a quirky sound they offered a sight of decreasing stairs into the basement of some unknown, perhaps even more entrapping essence. “A tough call now” said he. “This is getting desperate,” she claimed and at that very moment of emotional indecisiveness the vibration of the painting started to take place. They felt it beneath, the whole surroundings turned vibrant in the liquid state that they could move no more, except for a weary, ultra-slow movements of their feet. An odd scream emerged from man’s voice that was framed onto the wall. A shrieking of that dark woman followed in response as they were drawn into the environment of those liquid flowers, inside, into the world of the painting itself.

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