Curved black spirals 2

Chapter 2

   Hallowed was the willow on the yard. Except that it was hollow. A spirit of the tree was no more, so how much could be left in such wood, if you were to make a wand out of it? Or would you rather cut a living tree? Would you not be afraid of a cursing tree’s own growl to hit you in a case of such?

  The musings on power and how to retain it could go on forever, with one never really sure how things work in a mysterious life realm, which is alive for that sake, of ever-changing uncertainty. Some find it dreadful, others fascinating… veil is tempting in its waving, moving here and there, giving you a slight glances beneath. Would you not want more?

  Oh I dread to ask who’d be dull as a necromancer’s skull to refuse such…

   This line of thoughts rushed through a dream pattern of 3 as he woke up in the night time. Were they asleep now? He saw the girls folded peacefully on the couch. He was under them quite close and 1 was guarding the borders with his own body.


   He kept thinking about the veil dream and about how 6 was veiled with her clothes and blanket, not that far from being a bit unveiled too, at certain edges as her hips and leg went. Her leg actually slid down the couch and he could see the feet’s shape in a sock. How would it feel if he were to touch that feet, hanging not that far from his knee area? Knee was never that much of an erotic place, yet if he could slide a bit downwards he might as well be tickling it with a part of his very own private parts. “Better save your driving force for banishing rituals,” whispered 1, observing the tiny hill that arose on the 3’s blanket. He kind of dropped the thought in shame and turned lying on a side towards the couch. Avoiding presence of 1 due to shame. So he resumed on falling asleep, yet shaking a bit to get more comfort… he glanced at face of 6, eyes mid-hidden, lips curved into a smile.


   Dozens of minutes passed and they all turned wide awake as sound of something falling and shattering echoed from the distance. “Are we to fight yet again?” aksed 4 with a tiresome voice.


   “Well we all know it takes not much for something to lurk in, yet this was in a distance,” said 1.


   “Wonder have the remaining two of us fare,” proposed 6.


   “When was the exact point we decided to not look for them?” asked 3.


   “The plan of splitting was that we can handle it mostly, rarely worse things happen than getting your energy levels gravely depleted. They probably found a nice room to spend the night in,” concluded 1.


   “Well the logic of game certainly assumes so, and even though it is obvious to conclude that the creepiness of these whereabouts is just by itself making the suspicions due to fear’s rise bit overestimated, we might as well agree that this place looks tougher by a certain, underlying, disturbing vibe.” This opinion of 3 was not opposed by anyone as the all looked some other way from each other, rather disturbed.


   Now these people were not weak, not a single one of them was coming here inexperienced as the contract was of serious manner… aiming at practical results. The idea of going here was beyond that of just bashing away the dark ones that decided to reside here, would not even make sense to irritate random creatures in such manner. They did come here to look beyond the realm and to search for things and artefacts related. Also, there was someone else…


   Pillar candles rather thin don’t last for eternity’s ideal span, it came to 3AM that candle burnt out in entirety. 1 sensed in mid-sleep how his screen got soaked into dark leaves of stickiness. Others had disturbances in dreams. Didn’t take much for them to wake up shortly after due to instinctive alertness of 2 and how she put others to vigilance. They’ve seen those that they rushed into a corner back then, returning. “Not much of a use to do it half-way,” 6 said.


   “Alright, gonna go full exorcist,” was the conclusion and they lanced herbs, 2,3 and 6 Drew the picture as 1 was holding them at bay via chants and visualisation and herb tossing. They made them, put garlic, black pepper and wormwood on paper portraits and sealed them with tapes, adding sigils so as to bind them.


   They threw it out to the yard outside. Resuming on strategies and their recalibration in the midst of the night.


   Falling into water. The pond was of lucid shades of pink to purple, yet slightly odd. 4 and 5 managed to recover and swim out to reach solid ground still bit vibrant in its nature. They calmed down, observing a new environment around them. “Would be a nice adventure to explore this, but such portal might be beyond dream’s ability to return back,” 5 said.


   “Looks like we entered the pathway to one of these secret features, I wonder if the area is tunnel-like connected back to the manor. Just like maps and training seminar suggested,” said 4.

   Now how would one wander through such without losing nerves and keeping the calm, focused mind? No one knows yet everybody is trying to get prepared for such by whatever mental training available. Truth being, nobody can get prepared for such. Hence they did proceed, with fear half-rational, on the gradual, subliminal rise.


   The garden was full of bulky and big-chaliced flowers that usually are poisonous and have a strange melancholic undertones. They glanced some shades here and there. Plants were of sorts that live in areas with greater humidity, such as rainforests, but slightly less dense. They went through the garden’s path until they reached a small round house with an entry door decorated with branches.


   “We enter, right?” asked 5.


   “If we don’t we might as well do nothing, the house might be concentrated and contain something that keeps this place together, might be more power altogether than exploring miles,” said 4.


   After opening the door they were invited to a standard hut of comforting witchy surroundings. Well they would have been, if it were not for the place being yet again peculiar with a treat of it its own.


   It was occupied.

   They saw a woman torso on spider legs. A sinister kind usually, yet she was calm. “Don’t you like the shape of such? Alright,” a silhouette of an older man stepped in from the shadows and he transformed the spider-woman into a normal one. With black hair and a bit of a sharp gaze in her face that tried to look friendly, but couldn’t hide the hints of inner hostility. Perhaps not hostile at all, that might as well been just a biased interpretation running through minds of 4 and 5, as reaction on a hunter of some sort.


   “Please, sit.” He invited them and they sat at the round table woman by his right at the opposing side of the table further in the shadows.


  “So, you came treasure hunting to this manor of ours. How do you like our garden?”



  4 and 5 looked at each other, not sure who would be more eligible to fashion a speech to less-blatant manner, so as to stay diplomatic in a case of being exposed to such extent, also profiting from reaching the land-owner so quickly.


   “Flowers are pretty, we are mildly getting used to this realm’s vibrant liquidity,” said 4.


   “I’m glad to hear that. I hope you don’t mind if I ask, what made you so confident about finding anything around here. We’re pretty good at hiding things, was that old map that he gave you?”


   “Well… yes we had the map and some preparations on nature of spectral species. We are kind of bored without risking our lives for this, you know… that ever-nagging drive to discover new things, unveil the hidden and such,” said 5. It might have sounded sarcastic, but he knew it was futile to hide intents among these creatures as empathy grows to telepathy among all in these circles, one thing that man cannot hide is the vibe of his intent.


   “Oh I agree that a mystery would be a nice experience to have. How would you feel about being locked up in this house for almost an eternity?” he proposed.


   “Are you threatening us, or are you just referring to your own, seemingly unbreakable state of affairs?” asked 4.


   “Well wouldn’t that be a question. Would you like a cup of tea?”


   “Where heart wishes, it will find a thousand of ways. Where it wishes not, it will find a thousand of excuses… Now, if we were to follow so, would we be looking for excuses to keep on sleeping ‘till dawn?” asked 3.


   “Hard to tell how to prepare for next day. We should either wake up dozen of minutes before the dawn, its energy could be handy to store… or perhaps we should keep on sleeping bit more and over-sleep the dawn to be well braced for the crawlers of the eventide,” mused 1.


   “It is 3:40 now and last day’s journey has been tiresome and although were are worn in a not bad sense, but rather well and comfortably worn after that drive yesterday afternoon when the fields where touched by sun, just as our faces as we wondered with amusement and friendship all the way here-”


   “We’re happy but tired, yes. Pragmatically concluded, tired.” 3 interrupted 2 in such manner.


   “So are we gonna bet on higher focus? Could use the solar power and rush trough the place at morn too. Maybe rest at noon at some room not that bad,” proposed 6.


   “Agreed, at dawn we’ll rise,” concluded 1 as they resumed on sleeping, with their minds joyfully stimulated with the perspective of ventures to come.


   “How vile are the deepest horrors of the night?” asked the old man of the hut.


   “Is that not reflected by the recipient’s mind very own scope?” replied 3.


   “Would you not like to try a taste… for I don’t know either. We are not the masters of dark arts, as one would have suspected. We merely found some rejoice in the shades. Peaceful nature in a sense. Now the chairs are getting sticky and you can’t move away from them any more.”


   They tried to move, finding it was a slow and weary attempt as it all felt like a chewing-gum’s embrace halfway to a sticky spider’s web.


   “Very well, you do seem to have the upper hand now, don’t you? What is it that you are aiming to extract from us?” asked 5.


   “Who knows how much can be extracted from one… Your friends are now sticking closely together and as the evaluation of their force has it, they are most likely to cleanse the whole manor with their lightly disturbances in due time.”


   They kind of knew where this was going.


   “I’d need you to stop them somehow. Please do start by sharing with us their weakest spots.”


   Would it be in the scope of reasonable bluffing to deny a knowledge of such? Or should we make up a truth half-way. Perhaps some true information on their nature would not hinder them as much in case we’d expose it. Such were the quick calculations in minds of this heroic duo at the edge of treachery.


   “Well the logic has it we might just wait if they manage to do so.” 5 said.


   “Who said they would touch this realm?” asked the man.


   “Alright we get it, we’d be trapped or else. Who knows maybe in few days as they proceed the walls of this temple of yours will start shaking and we will only add to it by our willpower to break it,” rose the voice 4.


   “Very well, so you are now prepared to taste the flavours of the night...”

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