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Chapter 5


   “You might have known that hares are not like rabbits. We are solitary and intelligent. Rabbits hang around in groups more while we prefer to stay alone. We used to live many solitary lives as incarnations in Ancient China. We were drinking a lot of green and white tea and we were listening to guqin, a philosopher’s seven string sitar. We used to love spending time at mountain-tops of Wuhan and many other places, breathing high air and observing distant horizons and seas too. Because at south-east China you have huge mountains rising right from the sea.


   Same ways of our lives we adopted here at standing stone’s site. Stones are hare-raising with their energy we simply like to dwell in their proximity. We are the ears of the Goddess and we encourage fleeing witches to take our shape when needed. We saved many from hanging in those stiff and wretched times by preparing transformation spells for them. We are the hares and perhaps in long times past, you heard of Hare Krishna. Although it is not a cult of the hare the similarities in words people and hares pronounce and speak are reflections of reality that hare is a word of power.”


   “You’d certainly would not trace hares to India,” 2 said.


   “Highest Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu as you well know was said to leave his country. There are Chinese scripts that Buddhists hate and find controversial, that speak about this philosopher immigrating towards India and becoming first real teacher of Buddha. Think. Solitary and highly intelligent man, hopping his way to India.”


   “Well that it a nice introduction to the hare world, but what is your story?” 5 asked.


   “Me? Oh you know how we help those witches to take our shape? Well we make them hares and than we spend some nice hare time with them. Do you know what I mean?”


   “So… aren’t ye hares more like swans, eh solitary all the way with one lover?” 5 continued.


   “Well, we are and aren’t. You know it is really great to break free into solitude with just another haress, but often the whole thing is a question of philosophy that we so highly appreciate.”


   “For instance?” 5 asked.


   “For instance, God made swans, right? They are they way you describe. Then why would God, or Creator, or Master of the game if you like… create hares the very same way he created swans?”


   “Eeerm….” 5 stuck.


   “Well, there you go,” hare exclaimed victoriously, still though in a dry-mannered, amused fashion of speech.


   “Alright so is that your story? Chill-out by the standing stones and amusing yourself with witches and haresses?” 1 asked, “is that really all that you do all the time?”


   “I told you we are high philosophers, care to find anything better? Ye folk poking around here looking for trouble and calling it productivity.” hare said.


   “Well aren’t you stuck here just like us now? How did that happen if you weren’t looking for any unnecessary trouble?” 2 asked.


   “Well if you care to see that witch over there,” hare said and 7 blushed.


   They all looked at her.


   “Um… remember when I was talking about sleeping with hares? They are really nice and charming fellows. No way would I sleep as human in their caves,” 7 said.


   “Yeah this witch was one that we saved from hanging you know,” hare said.


   “Wait, now wasn’t the hanging period peaking in 17th century?” 6 asked.


   “Indeed,” witch agreed.


   “Are you aware that we are witnessing now the early years of 21st century?” 6 said gently.


   “I told you I lost my perception of time long ago,” 7 replied.


   “Oh, that sounds… I can’t find any words,” 4 said.


   Now they all kind of hanged their heads and a disturbed silence emerged.


   “We’re so sorry for you that this is what you had and still have to go through,” 2 said.


   “Oh I’m not at my worst. You see the manor is old and garden lovely, I’ve a precious companion here with me,” 7 replied with dreamy eyes.


   “So, do you strive to break free from here. Did you? Do you enjoy it here more?” 3 rushed in confused, yet excited state.


   “I told you that I tried, I really tried to search through this place. I gave up and I created my own world. I could say I like it enough, although yes, it is true that I’d really like to leave this place. To see the forests, seashores and friends again.”



   With everyone nodding to her words the group packed and decided to carry on.


   “What are we going to do anyway?” 5 asked, “if the world evolves into itself and than cycles you back around, we might as well stay here and figure the thing from the plane of mind.”


   “We’ve got to look for artefacts too, items that carry energy might act like switches or help us with a break through,” 4 said, “7 how many items of power have you collected?”


   “I’ve got my own set, things around here are just plain tricky,” 7 replied.


   “Would be quite a task to extract magical force from them to be subjected to our will,” 1 said.


   “A fool’s endeavour,” 7 said.


   “How so?” 1 asked.


   “You think you outsmart the game while being outsmarted the whole time. Have you ever thought about that?” 7 proposed.


   “Quite a musing,” 5 noted.


   “So… it goes on and on and on… it’s haven and hare for you now?” 3 said, nobody got the Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell reference.


   “I am… happy enough,” 7 said, “attempts to break free only cause pain.”


   “Well, we’ve come here to give it all, so let’s do it!” 1 said.


   “We have to think,” 2 said.


   “I’m gonna hunt for answers, so who’s going with me?” 1 asked.


   “I am,” 3 said.


   6 joined them too. 4 and 5 decided to stay with the witch. 2 was stubborn enough to just give in to 1’s proposal, so she stayed.


   “Very well,” 1 said, “see you later.”


   “Give it just few hours and turn back,” 5 said.


   1 nodded in mutual understanding that they all tried to be reasonable, not reckless.


   4 and 5 went to talk privately at the window with wooden frame that bore carving of artistic manner. Decoration of this room was quite fancy, spectacular. Victorian era style perhaps, but there was something more to it, a unique style one never saw before.


   2 just sat and stared at 7.


   “How come you just renounce like that. Are you not collaborating with the owner to break our will?” she asked her.


   “I told you about the pain, there is a shield around this realm. Leaving it is like going through fire, with no certainty where you wind up,” 7 replied.


   “So we should break the shield together!” 2 exclaimed.


   “We can try that, either burn out and die, or suffer great pain and give up-” 7 sad sadly.


   “-or suffer great pain and succeed,” 2 finished her idea with warrior’s enthusiasm.

   They paused and looked at silhouettes of 4 and 5 as they hugged. Did they kiss too? Hard to tell, wasn’t really visible from here. 2 had a little impression that they did.

   4 and 5 returned and sat on chairs in the centre, looking at 7 somewhat calmed.

   “Care for some more storytelling,” 5 asked.

   “Would love to,” 7 replied.

   “She told me about possibilities of breaking free from here,” 2 said, “we’d have to break a tremendous shield encompassing this place, probably ending burnt to ashes or suffering a severe pain, with or without succeeding, outcome being totally uncertain.”

   “Uncertainty is the price for the adventure staying electric, isn’t it,” 5 concluded, rather sadly.

   “Oh what can we do? Raise mental powers, would it be vain running in circles, rendering ourselves casually stronger and stronger?” 4 sighed.

   “We are getting stronger every minute,” 5 said.

   “Might be just a question of being prepared. Passing the threshold… yet no one is ever ready for that,” 4 said.

   “You know, it is insane to risk life, yet sometimes people get motivated by circumstances,” 5 replied.

   “The circumstance is a pain, I’d rather listen to your story 5,” 7 said,

   “Very well,” 5 said and settled himself more comfortably in the chair as he began to tell his tale.


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