Dating advice

One needs to honour venusian and martial arts.
Groom yourself better, stay in shape, put mascara and eve's gown into lights of the evening to honour venusian arts. Develop elegant walk and speech.

Stay calm and confident in warrior's attitude while being self-reliant and standing for your own values to honour martial arts. Have a goal in life too. Something to fight for.

You know, Mars and Venus dynamics. In case you don't embrace the quality that produces romance you might wind up scarce on action.

Places to meet

"The public library is more than a repository of books. It's a mysterious, wondrous place with the power to change lives." Elizabeth Taylor
so as to quote someone pretty to give the idea what kind of place even an "unsexy" place like library can become.

I'd say one can find prettiest of woman sitting or painting by a lake or a river, just dwelling there with water nymphs with dreamy eyes, but that's just me.

I guess life of nowadays needs communication lines more open here and there... or perhaps it is better that people are so stiff so as to avoid unnecessary reproduction.
Not such a big deal to talk to people. Destroy aura of self-importance that you nourish by constant fear of social humiliation. Give fu** a bit less about yourself to receive more fu**ing action.

Czech clairvoyant made a dating site for occult folk some 7 years ago.

He had to shut it down since it was over 95% filled with single women after 35.

I'm sorry to sound so pragmatic but to recompense I'd rather advise these women to go hunting middle-aged men into those stores like Hornbach or Mercury Market where they buy glues and nails 'n hammer for their work in the shed.

Just go there, ask one you like on some advice on how to glue floor or repair toilet, you get talking and he winds up offering fixing it for you and you get some action.

Staying home times

Now that it is risky to catch virus while copulating perhaps the phrase "honey put bag on your face" would finally be more justified at last, not offending anyone really. Stay pragmatic.

With my luck drinking from a same bottle with a friend I always caught a flu
Having sex with a real woman I caught that common fungus that emerges from a vagina

now I'd certainly refrain from any activity of hazardous nature for the time being.

I know it sounds stiff in its pre-cautious attitude, on the other hand.. paradox has it, if it ain't stiff, it ain't worth a fu**, or so they say, so no one really knows now really.

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