David Farland will kick you to write

March 2020

One of my favourite authors back in time was David Farland with his Runelords series. It was an original concept he used to keep the dynamics set and you can find what was his brilliant idea in the first book Sum of all men.

Now he's also a writing teacher and his site is https://mystorydoctor.com/

In his article Write like a warrior he puts an emphasis on a true and faithful claim, that to write means conquer your fear and limitations.

When I was aged 17 I dreamed of becoming a writer, yet my lack of experience in life demanded to live a little first. In case you fancy your occupation to be a writer's one, you can get yourself into the enchanted circle of misery.

Truth is that undergoing the process of creative writing is a story in itself!

Not only that you conquer your own fears and struggles, you channel through you the stories of subconscious mind! Meaning that you create stories that are and are not really yours at the same time. You can observe your artwork to learn about psychology of yourself and also of the collective subconscious stories - which can be either your group of similar folk, social environment, continental mentality or even a whole world! By snatching and leading the soul-stories to light as you write them down is a self-rewarding process that improves your condition, provides you experience, and also uplifts the soul state of the world in its entirety as the soul stories do get their chance to develop instead of remaining stuck the way they do when people are forced to lose higher perspective due to demanding pressures of everyday needs and responsibilities.

Take charge and unfold the stories that form the man's world and lead them to advanced levels that we never ever have imagined before!

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