Define יהוה

When Moses asked יהוה

who it was the answer stood

אהיה אשר אהיה

I am that what I am

now let's say we keep the first I am אהיה

Then we get

אשר אהיה

Asherah was the female consort from sea


Yah the male god associated with plane of Neptune and 2nd Sefira due to lore.

Jordan Maxwell in his "Symbols around us" defined Hebrew god as Dagon the fish-god

And religion as one to worship fish god. Although I don't know about Dagon, you can see the pope's hat as clear symbolism, representing a fish with its shape.

... Although it transcends the subject, Maxwell claimed Hebrew religion to be worshipping Saturn. Ok now fish would be more Neptunian but core sign of Saturn is Capricorn which is to be remembered as goat with a fish tail. Go figure... hard to tell but Shabbatai comes from Phoenician name for Saturn and You gonna keep holy the sabbath on Saturn's day ain't that much of a riddle now, or is it?
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