Destroy flu

Concerning flu


You catch that in case your body got weakened.


Tired, in cold, drunk … combine all three and you‘re sure to catch it.

Combine two, woe

One, get rid of it.


In case you get tired suddenly immune system might be working in heightened regime.

Go for antiviral things and lay down, rest.


Antiviral be some fungi, selenium, zinc, vitamins such as C help it leads also to vigour empowering to be combined with antiviral and your recovery is scheduled in vision.


Then lungs/gross intestine line as Chinese medicine shows

Drink teas for respiration purposes and keep intestine in good shape by going acidobasic more towards alkaline, eating good rice and avoiding sugar and milk. Black tea for intestine, green tea for acidobasic shift towards alkaline.


Enjoy freshness of lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and the similar.

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