Dissident Goodwill

An economical hindrance which destroys growth of its own country is pretty visible in Slavic countries, which are pretty much (not sure about every country) mafia-ruled shitholes.

For instance Slovakia has big company ESET making antivirus products for pc. It seems they’d like to make the place flourish a bit by putting money into the area.

Unfortunately their goodwill will only turn to mafia taking credit for their work (this way you can read between the lines who the mafia is) and do what they always do – take all non-essential money from people that they only have enough for basic survival, but never for starting their own businesses. This way the growth of more successful companies is eradicated in advance and the country, in long run, is turning shittier and shittier even for the mafia itself. Because without any place in competitive global market, all countries are apt to be turned into shitholes.

What is then left in such a wasteland? We can surmise that even the rich people will grow disgusted if their environment is full of depressed people struggling with basic survival. What an unfortunate decay of promising civilisation!

Sadly enough, all this helps to bash down self-confidence of common people and make them susceptible to bribery. Turning all population into either prostitutes (better looking ones), or hard-working slaves (the uglier ones) or mafia watch-guards (ones susceptible to bribery).

And rich people might begin by being convinced that it is still fun if they can bribe almost all good-looking people to have sex with – but such stupidity will soon enough fill their own cups with bitter taste of disgust and self-shame, or at least we can hope for that. Therefore, we’d be striving for some hope amongst people who have some higher expectations from themselves until all the influential ones grow into maturity of willingness to enjoy fair contest of creating relationships which are more than just one-sided.


anyway I had to write this in retaliation becaue I fled from Slovakia to Western Europe
and they are still persecuting me with their gang-stalking tactics with voice-to-skull deception and non-lethal weapons.

If you think this is foolish read about Stasi police and Zersetzung on wikipedia and remember that it was Slovakia that assassinated journalist it spring 2018 as if no democracy ever existed there. So be aware of this.

11 Feb 2021

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