Don't f*ck with mascara

I have impression that many women would usually frown upon my decision to draw portraits of famous women for they wear a ton of make up thus creating a less realistic portrait of women‘s beauty.

Now what is it in reality, are we creating something unrealistic?

In Arabian countries black is the colour of wisdom and so was used mascara to paint the eyes and also this is the reason why in each flag of Arabian countries you can see at least one black line.


The wisdom of black colour refers to… well closest I can get with comparison in reasonable measures is that we use black colour to commune with the dead… leading to the astral realm – so why would this be embedded into drive and desire on our search for beauty?

The psychology of deeper layer would say because we are carrying a certain image of partner we keep looking for, this imagination comes and also form in subtler realms like astral. Therefore seeing black around eyes reminds us of our inner images and we crave such people more. We are fooled perhaps into liking someone else but by reviving the imaginations of the astral world we are not fooled at all.


I think black colour around eyes suits also men, but that‘s just me, yet it is merely a natural conclusion of my explanation written above.

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