Fae and Businessman

Fairies & the businessman

Some times brought peace & others less

out alas, at crossroads they were led

Came from side of greenery a fae mistress

And from dusty gray a man of severe trade.


O thou didst thou come to slay to joy and instil woe

that the trees be cut or dashed

should we cry out to be like thee and build a wall

that the grove be well preserved?

Business man:

Behold thou the creature of joy

how mirthful is the change and growth

new spectrum and tech we deploy

to enrich the lands by things never sought


Thou destroyst the flow well set

by the conduct so unbalanced

as the greedy endeavours do aspire

‘tis just folly to honour funeral pire

Business man:

O as if thy folk would not have enjoyed

the parks we build and seeds we sown

and those that came in flesh of own

from thy race use our cars for comfort

And if we slay, right, so we will

by flame of thunder forests perish as well

to regenerate and allow novelties to dwell

Life is balanced if devoured by that ‘ill’


O that wit for dear Lord’s sake

The one to quote sir Wiliam Blake

To justify the malice done

We observe the cycle of life so I can tell

Many think that evil one

Be set boundless for the glam of Book of Thel

Dost thou not speakest as d’evils acolyte

a well-versed, smiling hypocrite?

And the heat ‘tween them was on the rise

thence lest veil of courtesy failed as disguise

Instead of them to exchange spits and be slandered

The countenance of judge’s robe the scene hath entered



For thine disputes I long have marvelled /// plural used to be thine or yours?

That the division in land be set to endure

in both times of growth and harvest decayed

in the lands so vast two could avoid such allure!

For Lord’s curse or satirical notoriety

why it lasts and cannot be

That two of thee can’t seek space empty

enough in new routes to set thy feet?

Where one layeth foundation

other is not destined to remain and bleed

Divide the world to chessboard motion

if thou pleasest, yet don’t dare to call it worthy deed

if all remain blind and proud behind a wall


to refuse to cooperate and blend for agreement

Louder voices in secluded vanity to claim in my hall

Treasures of strife one-sided be revoked from parliament!

And thus they wielded their heads both


calmed and allowing the other’s growth

It required time and initiative of compromise


to build bridges by industry in lands of old and wise

The fae would observe and admit


at bridge’s edge ‘twas pleasant to sit

and observe the water flowing calmly


that blessed remained for men’s throats, and not theirs only.

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