Fake news and witchcraft

When it comes to hoaxes, conspiracy theories or fake news, they all can emerge from certain origins:


1. They are made for profit


2. They are product of people who uncovered some hidden truths, yet make further conclusions rather on their opinions


3. They are made with the intent of strategical warfare, or propaganda


In all three cases all information fuelled by any of these intents will be subjected to a result of premature conclusions.

Meaning whatever you read will be mostly an evaluation of current, ever-changing world. One’s knowledge being only accurate to certain extent, because in this world the number of interfering influences cannot be counted.


There is not much from my part to advise on this. Perhaps even none, I could just say that the area of witchcraft and occult is, from perspective of other people looked upon as such - a fable, very similarly treated as conspiracy theories.

Meaning its content can be either:


1. Product of imagination to harvest profit


2. Experience of people, yet from their point of view any conclusion will be premature


3. A deliberate misinformation for causes of hidden agendas


Any conclusion in my musings can therefore already be considered as premature. All I dare to pronounce would be some sort of clichés, such as stay alert and think, or put every claim to either experiment or at least cold analysis.


The first step being the awareness of the phenomenon.


World, or nature of human life is indeed messy and chaotic and the inner and outer state of human condition perpetually reflect each other. Perhaps the deliberate clean up of one’s own chaos is a way to attain a virtue of clearer sight.


I think most of the phenomenon from elemental perspective is like a lot of dust in the air. With elemental air representing communication, it needs rains to pour down on Earth so that the dust returns to dirt and the air is once again clean to breathe.

I can bet the moment I would try to monetise all this art, people would instantly consider it a motivation of profit emerging from lies. Actually that is what I even felt from emotional reactions to such causes. I  hope that the whole art of witchcraft will find natural ways, and also new and original ways to reveal its relevance to those who are chosen to be touched by the art. It would be pity for people to renounce on this path prematurely without having it experienced first hand.

I also think that f
ield of magic is so wast that any human to claim that he has knowledge about magical worlds greater than 1% would be a fool.

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