Hermetic laws and the strategy of good and bad cop

Now the strategy to keep drama so that vampiric nature of amusement at the expense of other being’s peace is something we can see implied in ever dividing the population into two or three sectors. Such as USA vs. Russia. Such dynamics keeps the working middle class in mixture of fear and gratitude that things are as they are.
The more fear instilled this way and a bit of chaos, you get the ideal blend for mind control.
Go down to see it in your life. Go up to see it in universe.
Say some old alien created you and is older and more powerful and you are his toy.
Same mentality of good and bad cop he does to human mind men adopt to their own strategies implied onto fellow men.

Would be speculative how the universal good and bad cop strategy works?
Say you have mind with sense of freedom and also touch for responsibility.
You express freedom and are happy, if you live in dense and severe structure you are obedient and feel deep peace and satisfaction from doing your soul duty thoroughly. But where are these emotions of satisfaction coming from? How come you get so much of blessing for being obedient?
Might as well be blessings of people’s approval around you transmitted mentally.
Either way sometimes obedience to fate breeds sense of satisfaction.

Not sure where to put this nor do I dare to make conclusions.
I think that even things like “revolt of fallen angels” is merely a dry attempt for freedom as such attempt breeds sense of disconnectedness from source of God-being and downward spiral of painful emotions to dwell in.

If God is ancient alien being that created you, you might as well be doomed for roller-coaster of good and bad feelings embedded into your soul, a god cop and bad cop to keep you running.
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