Honouring birthdays

February 17th which sounds nice.
For some reason February was always my favourite with the ring to it's name.

Today's birthday of Loreena McKennitt so happy birthday to her.

One that deleted facebook account and withdrew from music when felt like doing so ain't stupid.
Remembering her song Caravanserai with the house where we cannot reside
In the world with few lives of love and all those lives of fears...
when you don't know if you are to pray for some check-out or just keep rolling
this quest, this life that pulls you onward.

So I thank her for her work... Blessed she be.

February 18th birth of deceased Fabrizio de André.
A poet with mind that read life and surpassed it all. He wrote a lot about revolution against hypocrisy but his love related stories were so depressive and strange. Song Andrea has been in mind lately and I still don't understand the lyrics:

and Andrea lost, lost the love
the rarest pearl
and Andrea has sorrow in his mouth, in his mouth
the darkest pearl.
Andrea picked, picked violets
by the sides of the well
Andrea was throwing black curls
in the well’s ring
the bucket told him: “Sir,
the well’s deep
deeper than the bottom of the eyes
of the night of tears".
He said: "it’s enough for me, it’s enough for me if it is
deeper than me".


He died 11 Jan 1999, a very odd and perhaps blessed time given the symmetry of numerology.

February 26th 1802 witnessed birth of Victor Hugo the famous writer.
His Notre Dame de Paris was adapted into musical by Luc Plamodon.
I met a French freethinker who claimed it to be a superficial thing for masses.
I think she was wrong.

February 27th is birthday of Elizabeth Taylor.
27 is a lovely number... people would frown upon celebrating beauty so I looked up some quotes of hers.
The best one would be:
"I'm not afraid. Life is just such an adventure to me."

I love her astro chart, she's got Pluto trine Moon hence societal influence and Venus at point of life, hence expressions of art were empowering her life's journey.

March the 6th 1806 Elizabeth Barrett Browning was borne.
Not much praise for love poetry up to this day
rather A Curse for a nation is quite on spot
as the curse from womanhood is bitter, salt
and good:

When wise men give you their praise,
They shall pause in the heat of the phrase,
As if carried too far.
When ye boast your own charters kept true,
Ye shall blush; for the thing which ye do
Derides what ye are.
This is the curse. Write.

When fools cast taunts at your gate,
Your scorn ye shall somewhat abate
As ye look o'er the wall;
For your conscience, tradition, and name
Explode with a deadlier blame
Than the worst of them all.
This is the curse. Write.

Go, wherever ill deeds shall be done,
Go, plant your flag in the sun
Beside the ill-doers!
And recoil from clenching the curse
Of God's witnessing Universe
With a curse of yours.
This is the curse. Write.


March 13th
birthday of Elizabeth Velasquez. Looks like she embraced her role of doing public speeches with her Mercury conjunct with North Lunar node.
I think she was addressing the subject of bullying which is a vampirical act people do to fill the hole where their own self esteem lacks at other's expense which is of course senseless, although the phrase "misfortune of other makes you not happy, but at least it calms you down" seems logical, it would be much more so to just create your own self-esteem for yourself.

I think stupidity of people grew to the extent of saying she was not pretty which is totally wrong. Seriously though if you look at her hair, shape of face, beautiful eye, she's one of the best out there. Yeah it just might be my taste since she's got Sun at Pegas star and Moon at Orion while I have it the other way... so it's my kind of people.
Btw she also has Jupiter at Pleiades.

Blessings to her

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