Letters and numerology

AJS 1 Sun

BKT 2 Moon

CLU 3 Jupiter

DMV 4 Uranus

ENW 5 Mercury

FOX 6 Venus

GPY 7 Neptune

HQZ 8 Saturn

IR 9 Mars


Looks like names for banks should contain Sun and Jupiter letters for money manifest, expansion and Saturn letters for long-term money governance.


City names have a lot of vibe from the letters they contain, first letter being important, and also number of letters contained in their whole name. City with 6-lettered name would be ruled by Venus, 7-lettered by Neptune, etc.


One should look to live or spend time in cities vibrating with numbers vibrating harmoniously with his own personal needs.


People born 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th day of month might find comfort in cities vibrating with number two. Although there are few with such short names. Alternatively they can seek cities starting with letters B,K,T or those, that compose its name by dominant majority of these letters.
They might try living in Montpellier or other city that consists of eleven letters which can be similar to the vibration of number two.



Egypt is pretty mystical

making numeral values of


number 7 always vibrating with touch for magic, seclusion & mysticism.

Written 3 dec 2020

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