Lunar Nodes and present times

Lunar nodes are astrological elements opposing each other and mostly journeying retrograde – from Leo to Cancer etc. - reversed to Solar journey.


North node is called Dragon’s head whilst southern one Dragon’s tail.


Tail represents former place of one’s journey or place of known and comfortable experience.

Head represents one’s destination in life’s journey and introduces area of new experience that we find challenging, intimidating, yet always tempting for it is known as place where the soul grows through new lessons of life it never knew before.


Recently in 2020 nodes shifted from Capricorn - Cancer axis to Sagittarius - Gemini axis.


When south node was in Capricorn we as society were highly career oriented while challenges of environmental and household tuning were set up in Cancer with northern node.


Now as Pandemic eased the pressure on environment, it put us back into homes and rendered ultra-high career focus rather senseless as we now don’t mind these challenges that much in essence.


The Sagittarian south node now unfolds our natural interest in politics on global scale, optimism, healing comforts of high philosophy.


Challenge in northern node in Gemini now lies in reaching out to each other locally, neighbours, towns, organising ourselves all together into better shape as interconnected communities. The spiritual, emotional and material isolation won’t do any good now.

Also focuses on shifting from long journeys (Sag) onto short journeys and logistics (Gemini).


It really boils down to a common sense quote known as “Think globally, act locally,” that we embrace to amplify the effectiveness of all things that we strive to do as of now.


Astrology itself I interpret as such. Planets having more influence and distant stars bit less, but still some important impact: it is like politics on global scale. What happens in US and China might affect us significantly, perhaps what happens in Kenya slightly less, still the whole organism is interconnected and even what happens in Kenya is affecting the global scale at least slightly.

The same way cosmos as mapped by astronomy and astrology interacts with all its parts.


I write more about this in star map topic, or regarding planets but I think it really is all about this kind of attitude – embrace existence of all, yet focus on that which lies right in front of your eyes.

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