My health system

Health requires flexible mind open to test what is working and what not and is highly individual.
Once you learn to perceive directly the flows of energy it becomes much easier.

There is a lot needed in sane way of nurturing one's body.
Usually digestion is better when is neither too hot nor too cold. Such patience when taking food out of fridge, or in waiting for your soup or coffee to cool down is already an expression of healthier approach to life, in itself.

Foods and nutrition are stressed for one's well-being to bring over-all health results. Exorcist can experience spiritual pains in organs, crappy food can be destructive just as much. It is a well known truth that the level of stress, tension and nervouseness are the greatest hamperers of the tract as well as cell-regenerational capacities and the similar. It is always encouraging to keep in mind that our bodies are capable of regeneration. Regeneration is a miracle that can occur to a great extent. Astrologically, planet Pluto was said to be a governor of mysteries of regeneration, since we can add to its correspondence tables phoenix, the animal of rebirth, it is quite a clear hint on how much we can regenerate. Remember how snakes shed of their old skins or how our body replaces dead cells with new ones. This way you can erase inner fear and tension from making mistakes or deteriorating your health to open yourself up to possibilities of regeneration. Whole effect to take place is of course a challenging journey with such mental ease taking place being the first, yet overwhelmingly important step since the more appeased mind as a starting point will generate better and more optimistic tangible results.
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