Outdoor survival with a pinch of the occult

Outdoor survival with a pinch of the occult


Sleeping outside can be done


On a ground

In an improvised shelter

In a tent

in a car


If you are getting cold when trying to fall asleep, some mystical thing happens with other half of the night that feeling cold changes into feeling ok.

If night starts warm but temperature is chilly at the gates of sunrise you have some options to retain warmth:

1. Renounce on sleeping and exercise in the morn.

2. Drink alcohol and resume on sleeping (do this rarely since it will funk up your stomach)

3. Eat ginger and warm spices as cayenne, chilli black pepper.


To find warmer place the key far more important than temperature is to avoid wind.

Observe winds and natural slopes.

Sleeping bag might be heavy and take space. Large blanket to cover head entirely might as well be more useful, since 60% of warmth leaves through head area… sleeping bags leave your face open.


Campfire helps. Sleeping between two fires the Native American style is good. Even more practical is to heat big stones in campfire and bury them in ground slightly and sleep on such stone bed… the warmth that it provides to your back will keep you more than good. You’re actually going to sweat.


Concerning occult principles, mind that the more blessed part of wilderness such as sacred site the better. Sleeping on bare ground means exposure to bad guys too, but there are phases of the night when good spirits come too and overall effect, if in more sacred part of the wild, is rather energy raising than decreasing.


In tent or car you can carry some stones to seal the space. Cover windows of car. Draw sigils on walls of the tent. Observe quarters to summon a protective circle in any kind of outdoor sleeping style you chose.


Communing with spirits of nature and retuning your body to natural sunrise will help you raise energy field greatly.

Life is always a sacrifice to get something in exchange for something. House might be cleaner of darker entities yet the reach to good ones might be way stronger in the wilderness.


Bathing in waterfalls, drinking spring water and similar, provided you find clean water are a cure to your body and aura (especially on Lunar day Monday) like no other.


Grounding meditations and visualisations are stronger in woods with good ground underneath your feet. Yet beware of seasonal changes when humidity is greater or more humid places for such might be not good for your inner balance in case you want to keep the inner fire burning.

If you sleep in a tent you can put a piece of garlic clove into all 8 directions for quarters and cross-quarters to seal a circle in improvised way to stay protected from spectres of the night. You can try this with spices and herbs such as rosemary, black pepper, lavender, wormwood, agrimony, lauren leaves and others that you find suitable.

Embrace and love wildlife with reverence. Most of creatures can smell your emotions, they also know that random aggression is never a good survival strategy so the chances of suffering a random assault are way lower than tv news would suggest.

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