Planetary Hours

Planetary hours

Concerning planetary hours take care to look at moment the Sun touches the horizon. Astrology software will provide the most accurate results, I believe.

Note that with a change of each hour the atmosphere, mood slightly changes. Hour or day of Mercury might start with a bird’s chirp.
When hour of Saturn comes, everything becomes silent, a crow might also announce that the hour has started.
Hour of Venus might be announced by a dove.


Day of God, Joy, Gold, Jesus, Children, playfulness

Good for staying on sunshine and enjoying our sunlit Earth.

Good for making present spirits visible.

Take care because Sun might reveal hidden things, also those you wish to keep concealed.


Day of The Goddess, Springs, Water, Silver, Tea, nourishment, dreams

Create/buy things that will nourish you

Enjoy Lunar Sensitivity

Charge Crystals if Lunar phase allows

Get spring water from mounts and hills, or well

Bless water


Day of Mars

It is said by Greek Solomonic tradition that Mars and Saturn are the enemies of mankind as they bring war and death. Take care not to overdo things that concern principles that they govern.

Alcohol, tobacco, drive (to succeed), fast rides, adrenaline, hassles, bursts of anger, rage, initiative (to get out of bed and do stuff)

May be used to give extra courage to overcome obstacles/ break resistance

May work out or exercise but take care not to overdo it, if fire of passion gets too bright it might burn you.

Take care not to engage in wrong sexual engagements/infidelity as this day might use its power to tempt you.

Alcohol and tobacco, if you must, taste better this day. Certainly don’t use them on Monday for Luna and Mars are said to be enemies and I find their incompatibility very correct.

Be careful during true hours of Mars and those of Saturn, especially after sunset.


Day of Mercury

Communication, everything by means of air, flight of the spirits, time for metalworking and other crafts.

Be aware of hours of Saturn and Mars as you might say things you would regret. (Also on their days at hours of Mercury).

Use your tongue, encourage unspoken words to take place. Talk to new people at hour of Jupiter for a favourable outcome.

Make pentacles, talismans, especially those that require geometry during the waxing of the Moon.


Day of Jupiter

Optimistic philosopher, healer, benevolence

Take care to not only receive, but also give benevolence and blessings on this day, or during hours of Jupiter

Hours of Saturn and Mars are less dangerous, but they still are, so take care.


Day of Venus

Love, beauty, music, dance and all Venusian arts, nature

Hour of Luna for a magic concerning love (in a positive way).

Hours of Saturn and Mars may lead to jealousy, obstacles of love, false love, infidelity.

Enjoy nature.


Veil between the worlds is thin

Good time if you happen to be surrounded by good folk, terrible if you have to suffer a presence of evil.

Some advise to do nothing in days and hours of Saturn, but if you only rest, some evil might find its way to strike you so you have to defend.

Be extremely careful during the hours of Mars, true hours of Saturn may be bad, but they might also be suitable for “water divination” as Greeks would say.
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