Po-land of no tommorow

Po-land of no tomorrow


Now that I think of it, all Polish people I met in my life were pretty good-willed so I don’t, or should have nothing against them.

On the other hand, Slovakia needs to die to be born anew, so I’ve been thinking about how to destroy Slovakia in its current state as it is.

It would be good to destroy it economically by moving ESET to fiscal paradise and by making German companies to replace their service centres and workplaces elsewhere.

It might be quite difficult to convince them to do so, because nowhere in Europe could you find people working so hard for so little money like they do in Slovakia. And instead of going on strikes, they only bash each other to work harder and betray each other for sake of their own career boost.

Now, only other place with similar hard work-to low money ratio would be Poland, I think. They work pretty hard and immigrate a lot. Only problem being that Germany has direct borders with Poland, and, psychologically, one never likes so much his direct neighbours.

So, in order to move these workplaces to Poland, what Germany needs to do is, that they buy buildings there, and dress in disguise their own workers, to appear as Polish workers to kickstart the working environment over there to appear to Polish people as lucrative job opportunities.

Friendly jokes aside, I think the grudge with direct neighbours must have been the cause of not having set their workplaces over there in the first place.

In case of EU collapse, it is just way more effective to have only one border to cross.

Also Poland, together with Romania and Portugal are the most Christian nations in Europe. Christian means willingness to work hard in mental state of humility.

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