O'er the bridge

Over the bridge at the other side

fade from primal shore

carried by the foam of creamy wind

Observe wave from angle new

was the longing sworn

Melt the gate to river more

shut off instinct to cut open wide

here they’re poured, only you

sense of things lost, washed with dirt

abandon spot of mourn.


Doorway into gray, a fading light of corridor

could have found a way, no shade cast by frame


trust in wonder, I could have dashed in years

now dragged me to world I failed to note a name

good move or err, no hope to rise into fears

since ye wait for nought, no fear to suck by flame


away from bitter day, cold night far from revoked

to turn back in despair. I lost my breath and will

so the wonder came through frame’s void blackened

I’ve seen it all, the sparks of life space did fill


Oh my eyes what is the fare

for worlds to pass through

Stars did curse me or the ground near,

I can wait for a breakthrough

as I set up camp from my own tear

Awe of surprise, stars cannot rise

as I wished them, in my youth’s year

no I can’t keep on walking I surmise:

Spirits shout they command

a price to pay for avoiding demise

no random grace, no lending hand

just weight of your steps, everywhere!


Journey mine, journey far so

as one flies in clouds of mind

Can you just go and stay close

from heart I serenely propose

lest we turn narrowly defiled

in denial of vain shelter sought



Starry fields with their open arms

Introduce the lady of the night

Sky nods and leaves tremble

Waters smile as mistress walks

Salutes the living, sparking light

In eyes of equals who stay humble

As offering of grace goes both ways

Creatures of wild salute the star

In every world seeds are sprouting

Gateways offer treasury blends

Dreams and wishes came from afar

to fill the well’s quest for the living.

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