Possible projects 2021

Notes on genetics


- Might take 20 attempts, always creating new defects inducing pain to new body, being forced to kill it 20 times until it works well

- might make something ageing fast, turning adult in a year but dying in 5

therefore this is advanced as fuck and all we could strive for needs to be handled without any big expectations

still it seems like the highest tech challenge of this age therefore it would be rather unwise to ignore it.



- can do some scientific research cooperation, but who’d be advanced enough to provide it for results that would make sense? Switzerland, Japan, Maybe UK, maybe US… etc. hard to choose, most countries simply don’t have money and labs for things like that I guess, though I might be wrong.

- health with naturopathy faithfully observed on myself can be shared as help to others

- astrology insight getting profound, not sure how to start though, being so young – maybe join Liz Greene and her centre in London… to learn and to grow…?

Covid crisis

sucks. Thinking of every-year’s flu, the same virus symptoms turning back every year – thence if same happens with covid, which is more sinisterly spread in times of greater humidity and cold – it is like a more hardcore flu? Taking challenge of healthy lifestyle a step higher – good nutrition and sports, support own vitality to be strong enough to survive it.

You can catch it second time, well, so what if you can that is the same like flu I caught from toothbrush second time again – it is always a math thing of own body’s immune system I presume.

A topic I don’t want to talk about.

Seen a weird thing on sky and astrally had vision of it… could have been man-made, but energetically it felt alien.

3 kinds of odd aliens I saw hanging around

or rather 4 with 2 similar to each, and other 2 bit similar to each… would be wiser to draw them to illustrate my vision in clearer manner, maybe people would connect with it and agree or disagree with their own experiences

… if this is held secret, I wonder how much humanity is enslaved by these creatures

happily enough there much more races from around the universe which we are incarnations of it seems therefore slavery would be probably relative

I got to see into this, greys said to be from Zeta Reticuli

and these weirdos at this space ship of oval shape with probably cobalt blue circle, equally mostly grey-coloured would their skin be.

Gonna take notes. Many creatures react to you the way you behave towards them, in reciprocity, thence I have to keep observing further on.


Read about cloning sheep on wikipedia…. Looks like aliens might have breeded this dna on a womb of an ape? Would be more logical than in their own womb in case they fancy to keep on some superiority… on the other hand… would that even be possible?

Alright, say we have new race for slavery and experiment purposes, still souls from whole universe are eligible to possess these vessels. We are ok. As my dream stated once ‘all of us come here from time to time, for something

And to live perpetually? Might give us some control, on the other hand it might be wiser for soul to repose some 100 years? Who knows, new missions require new improvisations, so new possibilities ought not to hinder.

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