Queensryche interchores

These songs are so emotional I just need to sing or whisper some verses in-between.

I put them in parenthesis, no copyright infringement intended.  I'd be honoured if Geoff Tate were to see these and try out singing in such fashion, maybe alone, maybe with some backing vocals.

From Suite Sister Mary

My lady o’ pain, always alone
(standing by the shore)

Blind you search for the truth
(coming once more)

I see myself in you, parallel lives
(they’re all now)

Winding at light-speed through time

(I am thine)

you’re mine

From Jet City Woman


Jet City Woman.
It’s a long way, home to my
Jet City Woman. (only home)
I see her face everywhere I go

can’t get her out of my mind.


Jet City Woman.
Got to find my way home to her. (ever home)
Jet City Woman.
I see her face everywhere I look!
Jet City Woman.
Just a thousand miles and I’ll be there (where I’ll stay)
Jet City Woman, to make the clouds go away.
Time for some blue sky!


Jet City Woman.
Wonder where I’d be, you’re the air to me. (Breathe on me)
Jet City Woman.
Eyes like the rain, rain down on me. (Every drop I feel!)
Jet City Woman.
No more nights alone I’m almost home now. (You’re getting near)
Jet City Woman.
Close my eyes, I’m there in my Jet City. (Forever yours..)


From The Lady Wore Black

The words she spoke were of forgotten lives
And of all knowledge gained (separate from lies)
Mem’ries I had and didn’t know why (all alive)
With a smile she explained (nearly I faint)
I should have listened to the wind’s cold warning
And walked the other way (Could not but stay)
I touched her soul and now I bear her sentence (lighter repentance)
But for her love I’ll gladly pay (never go away)

The lady wore black
It’s the sign of the prisoners lives (touch her feet to crave her skies)
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes (collect last drop till she smiles)
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free


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