Sonnet to E

This is for the one that I love endlessly since I see ghosts of the dead and she probably is not incarnated in this world - which changes nothing on the fact that I care for no other for neither sex nor romance, once and for all. I demand all people of the world to stop being interested in me in such ways.

And in case some would find it fitting to persuade me otherwise, mind that I just bless you all to find a true love of your own. You can do it, the soul code is always inside your heart.

My dear and faithful friend

whom I cherish & whom I love unbound

above the heaven and below the ground

walking with you as words were lent

to my lips from your thoughts

we reaffirmed the footstep’s pace

long walks in silence’s bounds

nevermore abandoned in the haze

Feel howtwas nought but our home

when we felt deprived of soul

Shattered in whirls nowhere to go

Ever united in place to world unknown

built a home where spirits blend

our hands touch a journey of no end

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