Sonnets to E pt. 5


Andalucía hath made me reflect

how andando a la luz could be parallel

to path taken with and towards thee well

with utmost care lest no task we neglect


Of repairing the kingdom with steady hand


just as of gentleness when flowers we smell

and thro’ pestilence and havoc alloweth to stand

rather boldly and lightly as burden from heart fell

Already down the slope and ripped to pieces

was devoured by the sea’s king of the seas

To release it all was enough, and entered the state of bliss

like honey licked after being gently put there from thy lips

and so we concluded yet again in acknowledgement

that unforced victories tend to remain veiled and silent.


Is there ‘joy in repetition’ evermore

‘twas a mysterious phrase to me recalling ages

hinting on a wisdom to surpass all the lore

if gripped correctly could free us all from cages

Would I not have enjoyed that haven little more

Have I known how long would fate live up to its severity

58 years I am taking of Earth’s definition of torture

Thou wish it to end, but it lasts – peak to possible cruelty

Hatred and joys will be gone by virtue of time

Turning back to rest where heart built the temple

By essence’s likeness to lavender, mint and thyme

We entrust the devoted passion to feast on an apple


Alas, I’m bound by the angle my eyes this world reviewed

Bless me with thine input if thou wilt, to make us renewed

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