Sonnets to E pt.2


Traffic of life! It brings some cheer

be it own or strangers’ to salute our coat


can it be used wisely, keeping thee anear

or is it like a wave that makes the sane float

O the optimism and inspiration are opiates

the joy of opening own horizons we know and see

opening eyes of others, fascination, ecstasy!

The sign we wield to open gates

Outgrowing hurtings, we embrace

all that come to listen to our muses

they do! Rendering spark to our uses

that we marvel how they over-praise

potential of ours, which gave us duty

to elevate theirs, for the love of humanity.


How thou taught me the circle, and all!

Ever kept the flame of interest in motion.

I hope none will credit me for fruits that grow

O this tree blossoms from thy devotion

That what the she-soul taught and shown

through the plains and visions overflown

Dance as unforced as her purple gown

Lent me seemingly her silver crown

Is it not thou, beloved, my gentle seer

who foretellst me how to decide

to move through fields and banish fear

I only partake by holding thee at my side

firmly enough that when spectres arise

I draw the sword and torch to exorcise.


Caves and courses through times and places

I see thee smiling again with that presence

I never stop to marvel how solid it stays

I abandon havoc and all of doubt’s traces

Why? Because I know thee. Yes I know thee.

To know someone beyond assumption

of one’s own reflective introspection


rejects the selfishness and opens gate to meed


Stay with me for awhile in silence

‘tis no novelty to dwell in its nest


slightly away from my impertinence

to be is all it takes to claim this cheery rest

Thank you my love for this communion


And all the peace that streams from our reunion.



Is this the pilgrim’s journey under perilous path


The one that knows Lord’s prayer – faith and pain


To seek own true lover’s embrace as gain


How strange to renounce all not for God’s wrath

But for some prescience of love’s purity

That all is put aside lest love would be tamed


We knew not how restless it turns in fame’s aid


People seeking others’ lives, such insanity

Rather I’d be led elsewhere, far from focus

Yet to wield this sign somehow is just

Maybe thou said once well enough


to betray own soul – doom be brought

Here I state with utmost pride

Two-way force helped me to decide.


O my dearest, behold our anniversary

how respectful and wise was this blessing

freely playful in airy ease faeries could sing

a surprise wrapped in elegance as a story

A temple real on mountain top a sanctuary!

Bit abandoned with leaking walls

yet beautifully filled as love of ours

With all the stories of warrior pilgrims weary

in their strife for right as the call would please


once transformed by dove they fly with ease

O do we sanctify the virtue of metamorphosis

That we celebrate after years so far as they went?

Should love be called love after hundred years?

Indeed we prove by that wow eternity was meant.




& we’ve seen the purple door at witches’ grove

Triora! A place of three rivers made me remember

the wonder & peace in grace of not being stranger

O the stoney path and memories they’d approve

Even though taken down by the vile torture

city was not cursed yet churches were undesired

blessings of fine ladies stayed in old site stored

& to see friend I ached in heart for adventure


that I lead made me conscious of how the brightest

and finest of our kind make me only muse

how joy of love under spell is of silly use

Without thee I’d cowardly seek to avoid tempest


In arms of other bright & wise to repose seems decent

yet foreign touch tears the heart under Luna ‘s crescent.



Through the lands & countries time calls to pass

And I wait and wish for the rejuvenation of past

I thought myself dreamer for such impertinence

from time to time I confess escape was deliverance

Yet I see naught wrong now in seeking era old

for time turneth back, ‘tis the mystery of gold

And if I could stand and look at thee as I do now

How much would the joy expand is bound to vow

if it’d be kept, or dashed astray

only betrayal bears disarray

Otherwise we may rejoice & walk

through the gardens as we belong


to our golden fields folded in purple dearly

In absence of regrets I can see thee clearly.


I rejected offers of riches and beauty

and if I’d be slain with head held high

lest the clouds be drawn too nigh

Everything would flow as now, purity

To me, you see, I put away all this

not to please thee nor prove myself

- for trace of shame I’d lose my nerve

rather than climb to boldness & bliss

Human nature wast my call, heart & nobility

that we plunder not the weak nor blind

In abyss of disappointment I would find

Perception of my journey’s fare, no sanctity

If I couldn’t look in mirror into eyes of my own

Could I seek thine, afraid to even glance at thy gown?


How many were thy journeys by the water?


That shore was fitting for selkie’s countenance


& to bless the fruit unborne by sparkly grace


O thine presence, touch me under skin & farther


Indescribable! Single touch, of pure gentleness!


Can it be now as the lanterns melt in this river

To appease wanderers & profound every lover

be rendered in whirl of beauty & all tenderness


to heart and beyond, my spirit quivers heightened

the blossoms of spring and autumnal dance of leaves


Thou caressest all, in the middle thou dost stand

How comely and … nostalgically right it feels

Thou priestess, embracest nature & art loved in turn


unforcedfully life flows to thee, & I repose, in tune.



My final repose lieth in thy embrace

after all strife & longing & mountain-tops

As if all sage’s wisdom be erased

Like Petrarc tossed down priest’s robes

For sake of the one he loved

For love is more that priesthood

since ‘tis priest & priestess combined

& that is how he turned the tide


This beauty be remembered still

sincere heart could spawn no ill


& the elders would all nod and smile

Seekst thou truth, than gaze in front


Closest is the horizon to confront

Wizard’s rod can be lit for every mile.


On old bridge of wood torches in water art spawned

Ponte Vecchio meant old bridge too, brightly coloured

though, and if brick and wood account for the same

why bother giving same-born things a different name?

Truthful though that wooden stick

rarely wore the glory of a golden brick

Have we searched, beloved, for the things of worth

or wast it outcome of our strive for all the growth

People divide as if our love was a threat

That would rob the rich their daily bread

So what would be the cause for bridges

if one can violate them as he pleases

Plucking out differences would serve for naught

If it reminds me of that time it must be enough.


People change and sometime ‘tis to worse


O we ride the world and it changeth oddly

Some virtues lost, others increased boldly

On the wave of life have we set the correct course

Since it mayeth seem like a bitter curse

That in despair other qualities are unlocked

in waters shallow ships aspire to be docked

are we bound to differentiate how to choose

Amongst the apples plucked when growing ripe

and slandered with disgust after first taste

afterwards, again to regret forceful haste

What a restraint to lay off Piper’s deadly pipe

It would serve the counter, to make things clear

by attempts nourished from despair based on fear.

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