Sonnets to E pt.3


Thou knowest me – will & flame

& what thou art to me, beloved,

tenderness & grace, be it engraved

how comely it lets us ride the wave


tis right that wish can come true

if patience and pain be put on altar

offerings of variety be cherished too

yet perseverance in land barren by far

be the secret of ultimate gain

Wish be spark, endurance ignition

bonfire guard the mark of recognition

Thus if all be possible to attain

How I can rejoice in wishing for thee -


The loveliest & precious star to me.


Thence if wishes of every sort be rendered true

see how Lord’s hand the d’evil would subdue

If anything comes at will to thy estate

What be the world’s worth to our state


of spiritual spectrum? How easy to see

How Christ could refuse the treasures bright

And how trembling would be all that might


without inner pillars supporting ecstasy


If anything be offered, and worth defined

by propriety of movement in vortexes dance

Derive to me the causality that offers trance

Achieving thee, again and strongly, undefiled

Since I can’t see and never saw any mistake

In attuning all to empower path for thy sake.


If divine partakes to bless our journey

Do we really need any other justification?

Do I have to look for reasons or attorney

to find my fields of flowers open to admiration

Observe with me, beloved, how thou loved

those flowers I brought thee, to celebrate


thy feminine beauty, and the violets thou revived

half a day, how my life’s set to commemorate

As I’m bound to revive violets as long as I live

My purple beauty, my joy of all joys always

My life of all lives, my worth of all days

My most precious and intimate wonder to be with

My ocean’s deepest depth and warmest heart


I knew thee and adjusted so my lives from the start.




O we strive through all domains of life

exchanges of all sorts on various paths

sometimes in mysterious luxury it all basks

I love human creatures & melodical triumph

creative for all causes good brings forth

the sanctity of priesthood widens its branches

like these oak trees I dwell underneath it causes

to enliven spark of joy when souls share the worth

of gestures and skills as far as eyes can please

Be it noble eye to aspire for mirthful days

and I’d be glad to see all hearts melt with ease

Beware though for ‘tis not noble any-ways

to exchange this love sacred amongst others

For times and flowers pass to crown eternal lovers.


How unlike thou art, beloved, unlike any other

let me tell thee – thou standst calm and nestled

in relaxed yet alert joy, aware of life’s wonder

grateful and happy with glory of things created

in fashion they are, knowing thy glory

and possibility of our joyful communion

art all accessible as fruits of creation

If others knew they would shed their worry

And so, amongst priestesses of the shrine

I see thee highest, though naturally caring

towards thine sisters as if there wast no ranking

for no words art needed for nature’s gifts to shine

Observing course of all, not elevating nought any-more

Not self, nor me, nor us, thus our worth lasts for evermore.


So we did it together, alas that we must

rejoice that we do so in mutual trust

Thou knowest a farest well in keeping at bay

Hostile sprites that flow to abode were we lay

And I am proud that the work of poetical verse

and this peculiarity too, we partake hand in hand

pray we praise how rarely odd is our blend

conjoined in both duty and joy, strong and unreversed

Firm is the hand that watches over the foundation

Our standpoint bright, proud and clear

That we attune all to the perks of moderation

And allow transmuted so to come anear

Love though, is shaped only by its owners



and the swift stride of chariot provides laurels.




I confess I’d like to spare

a prankster’s wink on how we fare

Our path nestled more in violets and lilacs than roses

Thou and I are like sixth and seventh book of Moses



And all that we process through our pain

appears at glance too subtle to notice



certainly it could appear to some novice

that our musings robbed us all the gain

As if blown away by gust of wind



carried afar as thoughts do come and go

unaware that ‘twas lanced to a place of need -

an intent from silent depths issued long ago



Therefore we wink and walk and continue

leaving dance of leaves to conceal revenue.




Barren land and simplicity

I admired when thou wast hermit-like to be considered

a woman a hermit, rare as thy entire presence on Earth


Yet thou refused its extremity

Claiming comfortable sofa surpassed the demand

yet I know well, that in such pains ‘twas pretty equal

to a hermit’s stoney bed solid as severe command

to endure the given lest in face of God be seen outlaw

Thus I marvel again and over again

that miracle I’ve been blessed with

to admire and caress, knowing no bane

be ever strong to change, like smith

shattering the hammer into anvil

I solidify our bond be sealed in goodwill.



O yes indeed, in my sadness I acknowledged

‘the sun would more coldly shine’

without thee, beloved, in pain I’d be lodged

and if it served to touch the soul of thine

I’d be glad, still sadness would not pass

observe, at least ‘tis a lesson to reflect

not be able to wait – life journey’s neglect

So I cherish patience, knowing at last

That like all things, even this world of ours

will be drawn to last grain of hourglass’ sand

What then, to make out of this perplexed land?

Life solid and cold as a rock, rather where water pours


I’d go one day, when privilege by grace be unfold

Fullest union be the victory forever to uphold.


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