Sonnets to E


My dear and faithful friend

whom I cherish & whom I love unbound

above the heaven and below the ground

walking with you as words were lent

to my lips from thine thoughts

we reaffirmed the footstep’s pace

long walks in silence’s bounds

nevermore abandoned in the haze

Feel howtwas nought but our home

when we felt deprived of soul

Shattered in whirls nowhere to go

Ever united in place to world unknown

built a home where spirits blend

our hands touch a journey of without end


Beyond embraced in temple’s light

I entrust thee to take my torch

which reminds us how we touch

joyful promise now reignite

Our oath never needed to be sworn

since thou can’st lose of thy own

And if thou doubtst despite

Through pain and tears we unite

After all, as one knows the mark

of once loved and caressed soul

not for fleeting moment’s spark

but for depths of starry night

which awakens all in the call

Shining dance of truth revived!



I lay upon the altar of thine

by tears and blood’s last drop

both life and death of mine

utmost truth beyond last hope

unfolds from my hands

make thine choice to make it fly

or touch the Earth to renounce sky

both we do as pillar stands

the one we built so long ago

to observe the times that pass

written and signed by our rites

The caves of Eleusis and purple skies

Acts that all stages did forego

Conducting relativity of sacrifice.


Above all the mysteries I craved to learn thy ways

vaguely did I guess, yet also with certitude did know

some of them so true to me, others exceeding all

I ever wished for, prepared to scatter my last days

in ignorance of the most cherished and sacred

everyday’s pace of my beloved and all her uses

that make me heightened in all seven senses

to hold and contemplate thy essence in fullest

‘tis like feeling every breath, every touch

of thine, in awareness of such perception!

Hostilities, pains and grieves can’t matter much

in my life except for the worthiest exception

that I know better all that thou went through

so that one day I may feel equal to thee anew.


I always admired all of thy expressions of articulation

whereas I only hide myself behind riddles

thou findst words to unmask humanity’s true face

that none could speak yet all would utter affirmation

‘tis how we all feel and thou even surpassest

aiming further, touching thine own birthright

to know thyself, never forsaken in ideas tied

by paralysis of strayness denouncing ours to jest

Thou shinest even in the ways of womanly chatter

which after all fits nature and reconciles my stun

being frivolous in original mirth makes it only better

And if thou laughtest at such letter that missed thy sun

I make him right for once, lending words meant to be

Thou never wouldst admit, to me it is the holy land of EBB.


And so glittering was thy hair when the sun met water

I could not compare the golden path it spread with beams

marvellous ‘twas, fit the mood and stirred our own gleams

but to shiny purple of thy eyes its glory did not matter

Thousands of days would not prove in test of time

I’d still be counting all I see beneath the smile of thine

Humble glance and soft smile yet stance is so unmoving

as it hides the sage whose wisdom lies in loving

And if thou wouldst miss me for another chores

I can’t move the wheel, it can’t be made otherwise

all goals men set as they strive for perfection

I saw mine aspirations too, achieving them unwise

for there were things already done, who implores

then, to trespass, overlooking thy completion?



Once thou said, beloved, how thou wouldst exchange

all joys of heaven for painful steps of earthly pilgrim

How could I not marvel, and now in turns I’m engaged

to change the other way and part to thee by reaper grim

Lo! The promises as lovers we made and they live!

Vanity of words rendered false since they were released

from heart & soul thus cannot be weak and intertwine!

Tell me thy wishes new beneath and they shalt be appeased

Eleusians know no ‘till death do us part

Myriads of ghosts would rise and applaud

Counterpart – what is counterpart? Are we so opposing..

rather fitting naturally, blending that I care not for other

and entrust my fragile wish to thine embrace forever -

That we keep burning our own star thro’ planes in passing.



Refer to me, beloved, the cause of our love

be it of chance, fortune, fate or gateway

causality would bash the romance astray?

Or would it not render the spark outlaw.

Come and count with me all we are

the worlds, lives, promises and walks

strives and struggles too, to admire

that our path be long, mind our talks

about afterlives, so much I care to collect

communion of our souls that I invite

upon ourselves new canvasses undisclosed

yet, so we would be anxious to smite

all secrets by the force of lovers elect

To rejoice in riches new, my precious most.


O dear where would I be without thy love?

Let me count the planes and the emptiness

I would collect, extravagant weariness

with all shiny and blissful substitutes for my dove.

Nay, I’d rather take the cold garment of solitude

learning about patience of not losing

the indestructible parts in this longing

Freezing winter of soul turning warm in gratitude

As if I had something else to vanquish

A conqueror scarcely would be my name

since I had lesser cause in riches and fame

Lest hindrances be called, let them vanish

by simplicity of a wish so humble and fragile and silent

As I can’t force thee to come, for thy will shall I wait.


Is the glory of creation and what we hold bright enough?

A silent wish of God could hardly be deciphered

in turbulent times when ‘tis easier to oftly have erred

What is this vortex of choices that skies had brought?

The sight of our world and truth I see well-sealed

the ways turned to riddles though, as I dare to proceed

do we walk into the maze to redeem origin sought

in its centre whilst we held it from the start?

Nay, I walk and refuse and banish to think

that I’d be seeking once found to retrieve

now, there was no doubt nor for one eye’s blink

and all that utter so just shamefully deceive

for I seek no path to regain thee when manifest is out of sight

I just work and mine to add treasures to our pile of day and night.


Soul’s riches! That’s how I call it when I dare.

We seek in moments to retrieve each other


still the choice lies in grace to make altar brighter


by acts mystically subtle that Luna makes aware

Turn by turn we measure what fits the castle


to be built through all ‘twas meant to bear

foreseeing no ruin nor foundations bare


rather a temple-like worthy of flame to settle -


the one that brought forth its blazing will -


we created all by mutual recognition


Our gazes met and all that was lied down


as command derived from preserving up still

we willed the kingdom be our acquisition

true and truer we deserved perpetual dawn.


Hours pass as bells are dashed from inside.

Such is the awakening of memories lost

or rather buried into depths innermost

By truth’s nostalgia or by miracle mesmerized

I stand, and stay with thee a bit longer

since that tiny bit I recollect and store


in gardens to be held firmly evermore


Traces of past I glorify ‘tis not any wronger

Than holding on to big things futile


in turns where the heart grows it gives all


abundance and glory sanctified by core’s call


O memory stay with me for a while


That aimless void of vanity falls asleep


For thy reflection I’ll cry waters so deep.


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