Star map

If you can identify by position of your astro elements your befriended and hostile stars you can establish telepathic connections without being deceived.

You can summon friends from your stars to ward off hostile inter-dimensional beings.

Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos mentioned stars in a comparison to the influence of seven planets, it might shed some light but it is rather outdated for us.

The map as I put it suggests that I still find it appropriate to start Aries at the Spring Equinox.
Taken the 80's and +- 25 years here are some hints on star positions:

Pleiades 29° - 30° Taurus
Sirius 14° Cancer
Arcturus 24° Libra
Betelgeuse 29° Gemini
Vega 15° Capricorn
Altair 1°30' Aquarius

and so on....

I like to think of it as the rational counter-balance to many "star-seed channellings" that often rather deluded mediums happen to channel from deceitful entities... or maybe not so, maybe sometimes they hit it right.

If you identify the indisputable good spots in your chart and if they happen to hit significant stars you might be attempting the re-connection with your home or friends.

If you get lucky to do it right you might engrave name of a suitable star into suitable candle and let it burn while sleeping to stay fully protected from the undesired alien visits. I'm not sure if I ever fully succeeded with that as it really is just an add-on to the standard occult lore.

I think that the Southern Lunar Node hints a lot on who you are, or at least on a last visit of your space journey prior to reaching the Earth.
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