Symbols with Jordan Maxwell.

To stop your pace and listen to this man is like stopping the haze in mind and analysing the core that forms the world:


Holocaust as a word for burnt sacrifice.

Christ as oil, anointing oil.

Is Ra El , Isis later Amun (say amen) Ra, and El for the Lord the Jewish way

Saturnian worship in forms of squares.

Astrology as essence for all the have the power to move the world.

Phallic symbolism of towers.

Name of four letters Yod He Vau He related to sex.

Force of sex to form the world and hence the entertainment and sex industry of today.

And so on… just listen to him it is quite simple as you get to evaluate and re-evaluate what you have been familiar with.. or thought so.


Maxwell came to his insight by natural drive, or fascination with mysteries… if such is observed with logic and reason, it goes far beyond concept of delusions for profit. You need to observe his body language, fashion of speech and the similar to be certain that what he is doing is none but natural observation of the world around him.

note: I don't follow what he says obediently. I don't agree 100% with him. Still he's good to be taken into consideration.

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