As far as history of Tarot goes we don't know if Canaanite or Phoenician roots would allow us to read any truthful lines.

We have this

Upon the first Series thou shalt engrave the Letter Yod, symbolised by the Flowering Rod of Aaron.

Upon the second the Letter Hé, symbolised by the Cup of Joseph.

Upon the third the Letter Vau, symbolised by the Sword of David my father.

And upon the fourth the Hé final, symbolised by the Shekel of Gold.

see https://sacred-texts.com/grim/kos/kos59.htm
thus we have 4 suits referring to 4 elements

And as for 22 Phoenician letters for 22 Major Arcana aspects of life's truthful journey.

see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_alphabet#Consonantal_alphabets
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