The Brownings

Elizabeth was a psychic as she mentioned in correspondence to had seen whereabouts at Robert’s desk. She have mentioned to had loved Eleusinian Mysteries too.

She had psychic powers, wrote impeccable poetry and addressed, uncowardly, a variety of controversial topics people did not want to look too deeply into.


Robert was a resilient traveller, collecting experience from the road to put into art.

If you look at his name, he had three times R and one time I thus having had 4 letters of martial nature vibrating with number 9 which unfolded into a hyperactive approach to writing, especially after death of his wife he wrote extensively and abundantly.


Give man an opportunity to grow and he becomes hyperactive.

Give woman love and she becomes happy, enlivened and flourishing.


From time their correspondence began her health improved visibly, and even furthered after they moved to Florence, having rendered a testimony to the power of synergy when human minds and hearts conduct to mutual blessings.


She had to pay with physical pains for her fortune and he with lack of recognition for his work, making it only natural that for everything agreeable in life, there is a price to pay to balance the scales somehow. He profited from her fortune, yet most of the time spent with her at house, caressing her since she couldn’t go out much. Thus sacrificing the abundant social life and rejecting a lot of invitations of parties. This happens when you marry someone, you deliberately share their fortunes and grieves.


Might have been that since her fortune came from sugar fields the slaves there somehow, at least in their souls cursed the family of Barretts and her poor health was manifestation of such curse.

Astrologically she had Pluto in sixth house of health issues, rendering impossible tough i.e. transformative challenges in such department of life.


By the way, Pluto was in Pisces during the Victorian era and time of romanticism, painting the world with beauty in deeper, soul-touching way.


Robert Browning travelled through Italy, was praised for psychological insights and wrote a collection of poetry with rather sarcastic name – Men and Women.


In his poem Andrea del Sarto he introduced four painters, three of them professionaly recognised and the last one rather less, not cashed out for his work by gold, but by being the only one of them proudly having his wife by his side, which was pretty autobiographic from Robert’s pen.

What would you chose for your life? Fortune in game, or fortune in love?


He got fame and recognition right after death of his wife, but why so?

Love life good all the time. Then, if love vanishes for what is all the fortune that comes out from career success? Making one’s space in world more coloured, in the moments of internal voids seems rather vain, from personal perspective.

written 5 Dec 2020

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